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Our Best Guesses At These Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt Photos

The Lucille Lewis Hunt for the Cure Scavenger Hunt Bar Crawl is coming up in only a couple of weeks!

To get you excited for it, we got access to some of last year’s photos that were sent in as proof they accomplished a hunt list item. These are our best guesses as to what the tasks required were.

  • Find someone whose nail polish matches your shirt.
  • Look at the camera like it’s about to attack you.
  • Find an ambiguous white rectangle.
  • Take a picture of your credit card but don’t show the number because someone will definitely steal your identity.
  • Overpay for a product you can find at your local gas station.
  • Satisfy your friendly neighborhood caffeine addict’s craving in exchange for satisfying for your own smoking addiction.
  • Engage in healthy trade as if money never existed as a concept.
  • Burn capitalism.
  • Engage in a “who can have the goofier face” competition with stranger.
  • Give someone a tramp stamp ???
  • Find someone who wears large boxer briefs and autograph the tag.
  • Perform spinal tap procedure on stranger with pen.
  • Arrest a citizen using only a pen tip.
  • Stick a pen in stranger’s ass .
  • Get married to a stranger. Yes, it has to be a real marriage.
  • Find someone with the complete opposite aesthetic as you and take a picture together.
  • Construct elegant gazebo structure from scratch and pose with it.
  • Photobomb someone with a peace sign!
  • Take a Polaroid pic with two pieces of traffic paraphernalia.
  • Photobomb the sorority girls’ picture.
  • Steal the sorority girls’ Polaroid and see if they cry.

Join this year’s Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt by getting tickets here.


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