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OSUnicycleguy gets on OSU Crush! We reached out to him

NICK BRAUN (@OSUnicycleguy)

@OSUCrush: To the unicycle guy, I don’t have a crush on you but my day got slightly better whenever I saw you. Good luck to you, unicycle guy. | 52 Likes

When did you start riding the unicycle?

I started unicycling in 4th grade at my elementary school. After I went on to middle school, I sort of dropped unicycling until 8th grade. I had been watching extreme unicycling videos on YouTube and it inspired me to do the same things I saw in those videos. After learning to hop and ride one footed, I bought myself a street unicycle and I’ve been hooked on extreme unicycling ever since.

Is there a Facebook group for Columbus unicyclists?

As far as I know there is not. However I am starting a club, and will have a GroupMe. If you want to find unicyclists, or want to learn to unicycle, or anything else. I’m your guy. I recommend you check out unicycle club’s website (which I started last semester) at go.osu.edu/unicycle and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or don’t feel like looking for it, contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you anything about unicycling.

How practical is unicycling as a means of transportation
compared to biking?

Unicycles are less efficient than bikes. No doubt about it. For the most part, your pedals rotate in a 1:1 ratio with the wheel because there’s no gears, unless you invest $1,000 in a unicycle gear. It’s a lot of fun, and great exercise, plus it’s a pretty good conversation starter for introverted guy like me. I really enjoy distracting people on tours and riding around on football Saturdays.

Have you ever wiped out on campus?

I have wiped out many times on campus. That’s just the nature of what I do. I have also fallen a couple of times in the snow on my way to class. (Yes, I even ride in the snow.)

Is it safe to assume you and @OSUnicyclegirl are a thing?

Yes, Molly (@OSUnicycleGirl) and I have been dating for about 8 months. She lived across the hall from me and I ended up teaching her how to unicycle. When people ask me where my other wheel is, she’s the answer.


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