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Once Upon A Quarter Semester, And Other Ancient OSU Academic Changes

Before I officially became a Buckeye, I had the opportunity to conduct research at OSU for a summer program. I’ll be honest with you, I had to look up where Ohio was in a map. Boy, was I in for a ride! OSU blew me away. Not only was it 20 times bigger than my campus back in Puerto Rico, but it was gorgeous. Stepping into Thompson and looking up at all the stacks of books made my eyes tear up. I remember so many wonderful things about my time that summer: doing a lightsaber battle at midnight in the middle of the Oval, visiting the planetarium and trying very hard to not fall asleep under the stars, eating ice cream at the Mirror Lake Creamery, doing the cupid shuffle at Big Bar, downing a fishbowl at The Ugly Tuna Saloona right outside of Gateway (RIP)… Ah, I could go on forever. That summer solidified my desire to come to OSU. One year later, in Autumn 2015, I started my PhD and my life as a Buckeye began. Through the years, OSU has seen many, many changes. The other day I was walking from High Street to Denney Hall, and a whole ass building was gone. So you can imagine how WILD it has been to put together a list of the changes campus has seen in the last decade. Here we go:


I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to come to OSU after the transition to semesters. From talking to my professors in the English department, the change was kind of weird. The main challenge they all mentioned to me regarding that change was that classes that were very focused on a specific aspect of a topic (for example, a class focused on a specific poet, or a particular film movement) felt endless for undergrads. However, the change seemed to benefit graduate students a lot, as the semester allowed them to analyze a topic thoroughly and develop their ideas regarding said topic. So, I guess this was an L for undergrads and a W for grads. Alas, we’ve learned to manage.


Guys. What the actual f*ck was that? The trauma of the switch from Carmen to Canvas has made it really hard for me to remember how the site originally looked. I guess it’s all gucci now? From what I understand, Carmen was easier to navigate. Alas, I digress. When it’s not crashing and you can actually upload things, the page does make it easy to keep up with how you’re doing in your class. Honestly, if you never lived through the shitshow that is BlackBoard, you don’t know how blissful it is to have CarmenCanvasWhatever. Also, I’m not mad about CarmenConnect. That sh*t’s a godsend. Especially when I want to send classmates or students a quick message and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting on BuckeyeLink.


There used to be a time when I lived in the grad dorms over on Neil & 10th. At that time, I could be running late to class, walk outside the dorm and a campus bus would stop right outside and I could ride all the way to the other side of campus and make it to my class on time. BUT NOW?! You know what? I understand that football brings in a lot of buckaroos to OSU. I get it. But the fact that you have to walk a couple of blocks now to get to the nearest campus bus stop is crap. I’m so mad about it. But I guess we have a fancy Adriatico’s and a remodeled HangOverEasy. It’s such crap, though. Making the trek to 12th and whatever in the middle of winter is not cute. Ugh.


Another controversial change, here. About two years ago, OSU announced the Digital Flagship. I was a lucky SOB and managed to swing one because I was part of the Educators Cohort for the initiative. I’m honestly biased because I think it’s amazing that incoming freshmen, especially those from situations where money is a concern, have access to this useful technology. The iPads are amazing for note-taking (shout out to Notability), and cranking out essays and video presentations. I’m sad that the initiative wasn’t retroactive and that older students weren’t able to get in on the action. So, I guess this was an L for half the student population and a W for freshmen.


Can I just say… FU DuoMobile. Although you added the option for me to log in for 24 hours, the feeling of safety and security that I get from not being able to access my Carmen/Canvas… is appreciated. Can we even remember a time when we could access our crap super quick? I don’t. It’s another wall of amnesia on my soul. We’ve been through a lot in the past few years. Some would argue our academic life is better for it. Some would not. But I digress. At the end of the day, we all love being Buckeyes, even if we have to log in to Carmen twice in a row. Seriously, WHY?!

Nicole Pizarro

Nicole Pizarro


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