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On & Off Campus Grinds: Get Ready for Finals!

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Although we are blessed with one of the biggest campuses in the country, we also have the added perk of living in a big city with just as much room to run around as the Oval itself. With finals approaching fast, we’ve compiled a comparative list of popular homework hide-aways on campus paired with their Columbus downtown döppelgangers.

If you like studying at The Ohio Union…

The Union is almost always busy, but since it’s so big, there’s typically a seat to be found for studying. All of the study places are super different from each other though; you can study while eating lunch at the Union Market or pick one of the comfy couches by the fireplace on the first floor. You can even find quiet, cozy corners tucked away on the second and third floor that few know about. The Union is bigger than you think, so get to exploring all of the different wings and rooms for a study spot that is perfect for you.

…then you might like Giant Eagle Market District in Grandview.
If space and a variety of food access is your cup of tea, then you might enjoy studying at Giant Eagle in Grandview. It’s got the same sort of background noise as the Union, as well as in-store food counters. There’s a burger place, a deli, a salad bar and more to fill your stomach and fuel your brain. The store is also open 24-hours unlike most places on campus, so it’s the best place to cram for that early morning exam. With its abundance of tables, Giant Eagle also promises to have a seat for you unlike some of the places on campus that fill up by noon.

If you like studying at Connecting Grounds…
Connecting Grounds is a popular study spot on North campus because of its full coffee menu and relatively large seating area. Sure, you can get coffee at lots of places on campus, but if you’re living on North, or looking for a place not crowded by central campus traffic, this is the most logical option. While there are larger tables for group study seshes or to spread out multiple of your award-winning rough drafts, Connecting Grounds also has some of the comfiest couches on campus. Grab a coffee with extra shots of espresso and curl up into one of the couches by the breath-of- fresh-air window wall for the best studying light. (And a good view of the campus dogs playing in front of the clock tower).

…then you might like Roosevelt Coffee House.
Branch out into Columbus with Roosevelt Coffee House. With its large(r) windows, free WiFi, and some of the best coffee in Columbus, this cafe is a perfect place to get some work done and feel mega-vibey about it. Obsessed with the bagels on campus? Roosevelt has the same bagels and more snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. The giant windows provide a warm feeling to the entire cafe and all the natural lighting you could want to stay awake and inspired. The larger tables will perfectly fit your hectic array of books, papers, pens, highlighters, and planners. They even have a record player in the corner constantly playing bops to set the perfect mood for grinding out essays and quizzes.

If you like studying at Thompson Library…

If you believe that studying should be done in a library, chances are you pretty much live at Thompson or the 18th Avenue Library. Every library has a different vibe. Whether you like the massive size of Thompson, with its beautiful architecture and lots of sunlight, or you prefer the busier, cozier feel of 18th Avenue Library, these places are built to always have a spot for you.

…you might like the Columbus Metropolitan Libraries.
There are more libraries out there than just the ones on campus though. Columbus has a plethora of libraries around the city. The main library downtown on Grant Ave. is just as grand as Thompson and has its own style with art hovering above you on the ceiling or hung on the upper floor walls. Closer to campus is the Northside Branch, located on the corner of High St. and King Ave. This location has a more modern feel with fun interior design like slanted ramps and overlooks from the upper floors, but like its partners, it also has little study rooms and seating space for cozying up with a good book.


Need a break from the blue screen? Fox in the Snow is a great coffee shop to hang out with friends, catch up, and stay off your phone because this place does NOT have WiFi. It has pastries that are to die for, great coffee, and a cute, natural wood and overloaded with plants aesthetic, but if you’re planning on studying and need Carmen up and running to get the job done, this is not the coffee shop for you. If you just need to trudge through that last textbook chapter though, consider Fox in the Snow to keep yourself on track with little distractions. •

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