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Ohio Union At Its Best

A look back at OUAB’s huge year—and who campus wants to see next.

OUAB didn’t win Ohio State’s best organization without good reason. In the past, these students have shown they have the ultimate balance when it comes to working and going to class. While they are busy throughout the day setting up events with some of the biggest heavyweights in the entertainment industry—Kesha, Kenan Thompson, Big Sean, you might’ve heard of them—they are also knocking out exams, grinding through homework, and all the other bull shit that comes with being a student.

This year was insanely successful for OUAB. I mean they freaking secured an interview with the DEA agents who took down Pablo Escobar. That alone would be a huge interview to get for a student organization, but they didn’t stop there, and they continued to bring in talent month in and month out.

In light of OUAB’s stellar year on campus, we are looking back on the best speakers, musicians, and celebrities that stepped through those Union doors to grace us with their presence.

OUAB Big Spring Concert ft. Young the Giant, Amine and Clubhouse

Listen, you don’t have to be alt-rock fan to jam out to Young The Giant; everyone loves to jam out to alt-rock and pop-rock songs every once in awhile. It’s okay to admit it. Outdoor concerts always provide a great environment to jump around and get wild in a way that just isn’t possible in the crowded sears of a stadium. And, at this point, who hasn’t heard Amine’s banger Caroline? It basically dominated summer 2017 and infected everyone with good vibes. Clubhouse has got some bops, too, so this concert definitely takes the cake as OUAB’s biggest event of the school year.

OUABringing Down Escobar with Steve Murphy and Javier Pena

While you may scoff at the idea of going to an event to see DEA agents when OUAB does a great job bringing in comedians and musicians, this was different. If you haven’t seen Narcos on Netflix or heard of Pablo Escobar, it might not make sense; but these two agents were the ones responsible for bringing in Escobar, the leader of one of the biggest drug cartels in the world. I mean, come on, if urban legend actually rings true, Escobar was spending over $1000 per week on rubber bands just so he could organize his money. And these two brought him in!

OUABetween the Lines with Rupi Kaur

The author who dominated New York Times’ best seller list for what felt like forever with milk and honey took time for a stop on campus. Even if poetry isn’t your thing, odds are you’ve seen a picture from her book on your Twitter page or a line from one of her poems was used as a caption as you were scrolling through Instagram. And, as you may have noticed, there’s not a ton of world-famous poets. Kaur has seemingly transcended the world of poetry with her work, and the fact that she stopped on campus was huge.

OUAB Presents: An Evening with Jemele Hill

Even if you aren’t a sports fan, odds are you’ve heard of Jemele Hill. The ESPN/The Undefeated employee was a host of the 6 p.m. SportsCenter for some time, got into it with the U.S. President (honestly, though, who hasn’t?), and has written and spoken at length about the importance of race in sports and in society. While plenty of people have the “stick to sports” mentality toward Hill, she has remained strong in her convictions and coming to campus was another opportunity for her to spread her powerful message.

OUAB Welcome Week Concert ft. Zedd

Zedd has been a huge DJ/producer for some time now, evidenced by his hits like The Middle with Maren Morris and Grey (which actually wasn’t out in time for this concert), Stay (w/ Alessia Cara) and I Want You To Know (w/ Selena Gomez). Even if going to a concert just for a DJ isn’t your thing, this concert packed rave-style hype and dance bops with an insane environment to create one awesome atmosphere for Ohio State students.


When finals week is over, you’ll probably be thinking about your vacation spot or your next nap—but OUAB will be planning the next musician, group, or celebrity to come in and rock campus. With that in mind, we asked students who they’d like to see the organization bring to campus next year. (You can thank us later, OUAB.)

Madi Cano • Second-year • Marketing & Art

I’m a huge fan of Fortune Orange and Jocef Michael Band!!! They’re both OSU grads and they have a good fan base around here.

Megan Doughty • First-year • Political Science and History

I would like to see the OUAB bring in Ben Shapiro for a talk. I feel as if there are not enough speakers who come to campus who are conservative, and I feel as if having Mr. Shapiro come to campus would help to add a sense of diversity in political discussion here at Ohio State.

Bryson Hurd • Third-year  Biology

I think it would be awesome if OUAB could bring in someone like Kygo or Matoma next year. It would be a cool atmosphere everyone would enjoy.

Brittani VanVoorhis • Second-year • Zoology

Some cool guest speakers would be Michelle Obama, Aaron Paul, Dave Franco, Andy Samberg, and Zendaya. In terms of free concerts, Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots (especially since they’re from the Columbus area), Cage the Elephant, or Rihanna.

Nina Pieri • Second-year • Journalism

I’d love to see Alison Wonderland, Whipped Cream, or Trippie Redd!



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