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Ohio State’s New Vending Machine Is Makin’ Bacon

Move over Tom W. Davis Clock Tower, and step aside freshmen with iPads; Ohio State has added a bacon vending machine inside the Animal Science Building at the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science, according to a report from 10TV News.


Until Dec. 13, the bacon vending machine will dispense a slice of ready-to-eat bacon for $1, courtesy of shelf-stable donations from Hormel, Sugardale, and Smithfield.

From the 10TV report:

Proceeds from the machine will benefit the meat science program. Members of the program are responsible for stocking and maintaining the machine during its time on campus.

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1870 Staff

1870 Staff


Who is the tall pale blonde that goes to JO South with curly hair? She is real cute, never want to say hi though because she is always working hard in the gym…

I’m an incoming freshman…so who throws the best parties???

That guy that handed out business cards at all the DX parties could of had my children if he didn’t look like such a douche

Emily I just want to let you know that you’re gorgeous


Twitter for going out for those 30 mins or so and making me realize I’m an addict

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