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What the f*ck is up, Oval squirrels! We’re Off-Script Ohio, the podcast wild enough for any true party buck and informative enough for the nerds within every student on this campus. Give us a listen on your walk to class to drown out the construction and the Oval preachers. We know you could use the noise.

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This One’s For Madison’s Vibrator

If the names Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelsey, and Victoria mean nothing to you, please move on. If you know exactly who they are, please tune in! We chat about the remaining ladies, how clearly unprepared Pete and several of these women are for relationships, and we play some trivia about the remaining bachelorettes.

Hung-Overview: Drinking Like Sailors

What kind of festivities do campus students who like to sail together on the weekends get into on a Friday night? Listen to this first-of-its-kind episode in a new series we’re calling, “Hung-Overview” to find out. (Have a wild group of friends getting together this weekend? Email editor@1870mag.com to be on the next Hung-Overview.)

The Sex Survey Results!

1,217 responses later and we have a SHOW! Listen in on just how kinky campus is this Valentine’s season. After all, 92.2% of you are doin’ it.

Sexy Times With OSU Crush (Part 2)

We’re back with another classic. You read ’em, you write ’em, you may have even been mentioned in one. For this snack-sized episode, we read off some of our favorite OSU Crush tweets…in the most seductive way possible.

BURIED NUTS: Freshman vs. Seniors

The freshman tell all! Who really knows campus best – the ones still actively trying to explore it or the ones who have roamed it for four years? And is Formaggio’s actually known as… “Form’s” now?! Decide for yourself after listening to this age-comparative episode from both ends of campus.

BURIED NUTS: First Gen vs. Continuing Gen Students

While it seems like everyone and their mother is going to college these days, the truth is that not everyone’s mother (or father, for that matter) did. In this episode, we unpack some of the key differences between first generation Ohio State students and continuing generation students. Does one know something the other doesn’t? How much does it affect your college experience if you don’t have familial connections? Hear us break it all down here.

High Street ASMR

In an attempt to find our place in the world of ASMR, we explored High Street in search of foods that would be pleasing to the ear. Back behind the mics, we put each other to the test in an attempt to guess just what it was the other host was eating. (Lesson learned: fast food paper wrapping is incredibly pleasing to hear.)

FALL 2019

BURIED NUTS: Sugar Babies!

Having extra beer money around isn’t a problem for our guest in this episode. Our guest, Mia, is a true sugar baby! She came on the show to talk about her experience snagging daddies and keeping her personal boundaries safe.

Anti-New Year’s Resolutions

A completely realistic list of objectives to accomplish by 2020. Definitely not a way to procrastinate studying for finals.  

Top 10 Places To Cry On Campus

This episode went…in so many different directions. Did we cover the list? Yes, of course. Did we also cover that one time flyers were found in residence hall restrooms that said, “Please stop masturbating in the showers, it’s clogging the drains?” Yes. We covered that, too. Anyways, here’s the community provider database through CCS that lets you narrow down your search for mental health services in the campus area. In case you need it. (We all do.)

History of Tailgates

Humans weren’t sprung onto to planet playing dizzy bat and bonging Natties. No! There was a slow build from American Revolution to American football, and hosts Sophia and Meera walk us through that in this football-friendly episode, just in time for the biggest game of the year.

Get Ready With Us!

A Saturday at Ohio State means getting up for game day at 7 a.m., napping around 3 p.m., and rallying until 2 a.m. As we follow two of our hosts through their average campus Saturdays, does your weekly routine match or miss theirs? (+ A fun drinking game at the end. So maybe play this when you’re getting ready for Penn State this weekend.)

Sexy Times With OSU Crush

You read ’em, you write ’em, you may have even been mentioned in one. For this snack-sized episode, we read off some of our favorite OSU Crush tweets…in the most seductive way possible.

Why I Dropped My Sorority

A sorority president and sorority dropper talk about their experience with Greek life at Ohio State… Is srat life the life for you?

North vs. South Campus

We end the timeless debate, once and for all.


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