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My Story as a Child Bride…

No, you idiots, I’m not actually a child bride but everyone who doesn’t know me and hears that I’m engaged gets worried that I might be. Not to push away the seriousness that is child brides–that is a real issue and should not be taken lightly. However, people assume just because I’m Pakistani and young that I’m being forced into getting married. That’s not the case. I promise. I’m not blinking twice and waiting for someone to save me, I chose this. 

For some reason, people have decided to tell me their opinion on me getting engaged when I don’t ask. Also, these people are complete fucking strangers. One of them was a random lady in West Side Market in Cleveland who decided to assume I was getting arrange married.

Granted, I am only 21 but by the time I get married I’ll be 22 and I feel like I see people I went to high school with getting married every month. So it’s not that strange, right?

My favorite part of getting engaged is how confused people were that I knew before. I remember telling Madi (our fearless leader here at 1870 Magazine) that I was getting engaged that week and her first reaction was “How do you know?”

Muslims do things differently when it comes to, well, almost everything. My and my fiancé’s (still getting used to saying that) families met multiple times before we got engaged to make sure that our families are good for the other. It’s basically like when the guy asks the girl’s father for his blessing but on a larger scale and between families. 

I’ve gotten almost every reaction when it comes to people finding out I’m engaged–from “Are you pregnant??” to “Are you sure he’s the one?” to “Aren’t you a little young?” I get that some people are genuinely concerned for me, I do look 12. (Madi argued that I could pass for 15.) I also know I’m going to get that reaction until I’m at least 25 but as always–to each their own. 


Amal Saeed


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