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The Mixtape Featuring Zayn Dweik

A collective playlist curated by students, for students.

Every week we are asking students at Ohio State one simple question: what are you jamming out to?

This weekly updated list can provide you with a few reminders of songs you may have forgotten about, or it’ll put you on to new artists that you never knew you needed in your life. Either way, The Mixtape promises to always be fresh and dedicated to putting your music taste out for the campus to hear.

Zayn Dweik | @ThatDOODZayn | Economics

This week, we put The Mixtape in the hands of economics major, Zayn Dweik; and he didn’t disappoint. Check out what Zayn is jamming to and be on the look out for The 1870 Mixtape on Spotify and Apple Music!

SONG 1: “Queen of Daydreams” – Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind has always been one of my favorite bands, and this track is one of their newer releases that is a true bop.  For a band that was popular in the late nineties, I love that they can keep making great music two decades later!

SONG 2: “Ain’t That A Shame” – Fats Domino

Classic 50’s banger.  Rest in peace Fats Domino, the true pioneer of Rock n’ Roll.

SONG 3: “21” – Trying

I’ve played in a few local Columbus bands, and until Trying moved to New York last summer I really loved playing with them.  This was easily the group’s most popular song, and always brings back imagery of jumping around with my friends in basements all over Columbus.  We have an incredible music scene here in Columbus, and I would have had no idea if I hadn’t seen it for myself while playing with Trying!

SONG 4: “I Need Help” – Hopsin

Hands down favorite rapper in the game. Bars on bars. On bars.  In the age of mumble rap, Hopsin always renews my hope for the future of rap.

SONG 5: “Monday Morning” – Death Cab for Cutie

My best friend showed me this song shortly after we met in class, and up until that point I had never gotten into Death Cab.  I found it super compelling, and it got me to really expand my music taste into a realm I didn’t really vibe with before.  Nowadays it always reminds me of all the great memories her and I have shared since daily 8 am Latin.

SONG 6: “Summer Shandy” – The Front Bottoms

Everybody hated on this album by TFB, but this song truly BOPS.  “Yeah that would be great that would be beach house livin every night REST OF OUR LIVES you and me we could go swimmin,” ya know?

SONG 7: “Holy Ground” – Taylor Swift

The most underrated song off of Red, hands down.  It’s catchy, it’s driving, it’s T-Swift at her best—what more can you ask from a song?!?

SONG 8: “Hate to See Your Heartbreak” – Paramore

Paramore’s best track FO SHO.  It’s a Haley and Joy Williams duet, and it turns out there’s nothing more heartwarming than two sisters with perfect pitch singing about heartbreak.

SONG 9: “Timebomb” – Rancid

I know what you’re thinking—”Zayn, I miss the good ol’ days of riding in a Cadillac with all my friends, driving around the East Bay, blasting ska-punk.”  Seeking to renew that long lost feeling? Look no further and BUMP THIS TRACK.  Very few songs are this hype.

SONG 10: “Waiting” – Green Day

One of my favorite songs by the band that changed my life and really got me listening to music at all.  It’s not a well known Green Day song, but I think it’s one of their best! I always find myself coming back to putting this song on repeat for weeks at a time. 10/10 highly recommend.


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