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Life Hacks: Roll Through 4/20 With These Stoner Tricks And Tips

Whether it’s your first 4/20 or you’ve been celebrating ever since you can remember, these 4/20 hacks and tips are sure to take your weed smokin’ day to the next level.

DIY Sploof

If your living situation isn’t 4/20 friendly, that doesn’t mean you can’t still blow down today. If you are worried about the smell of the smoke, just make a sploof. All you need is the cardboard roll from a roll of paper towels or toilet paper, a shit ton of dryer sheets, a few strips of duct tape, and hold on to a few of those paper towels you just ripped off the roll. Simply take your cardboard roll, stuff as many dryer sheets inside as you can fit, add the paper towels to each end of the roll, and tape those ends shut. Now you can smoke a pipe (joints or blunts just smell too much, sorry, man) in peace and just blow the smoke through your sploof out a window and that should mask the smell enough to fool even the keenest of roommates!

DIY Pipe Cleaner

Pipe cleaners from head shops are a little expensive. I mean why spend $12.99 on a bottle of pipe cleaner when you can hit up a grocery store and scoop up a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol and some regular ass table salt? Pour in some salt into your piece (if you have a smaller bowl, put it in a zip top bag and add your cleaning substances in it until the bowl is submerged) and add in the alcohol and do like T-Swift said, “shake, shake, shake, shake it off!” Rinse it with some hot water and you’re good to blaze, bro.

Hot Boxing The Bathroom

I know this sounds crazy, but just hear us out for a second. If your roommate isn’t fond of 4/20, this is a great compromise for today. Instead of sneaking out to your car and smoking (dangerous, very dangerous moves there), toke it up in the bathroom. You can leave the fan running so the smoke will dissipate faster and if that doesn’t work quick enough, run some hot water in the tub and pour a little soap in there. By the time the water rushes all the smoke down the drain, your bathroom will go back to smelling like Old Spice or whatever the hell you stoners use now-a-days.

Roach Clip Hacks

Nobody likes smoking a stinger; they burn the hell out of your thumbs and you usually end up covered in ash. But if you have a roach clip (something to hold that houses the roach) then they aren’t too bad. Some easy roach clips you can make around your house range from bobby pins to pliers if you have some. Your fingers will thank us later.

Easy Weed Spill Clean Up

Take the hose attachment of your vacuum that you never use and put a white sock around the opening. It will still have suction, but with the sock blocking the hole, the crumbs will get stuck right in the sock making picking up all those crumbs off the ground as easy and as painless as possible.

Keef Collection Hack

Toss your grinder in the freezer with a couple nickels in the middle collection chamber. Shake that shit around for a couple minutes and check your keef collection. You’re welcome.

Turns Out Pipe Cleaners Are Great For Cleaning Pipes

Yup, all those years of playing with those seemingly useless furry sticks in elementary school were actually training to make sure your bowls are never clogged or dirty.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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