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Life Hacks: Getting The Most For Less At Chipotle

I don’t know about everyone else, but food is always on my mind. Sometimes the most exciting parts of the day boil down to planning what to eat, and then devouring my feelings away. The holy grail that is known as Chipotle has to be one of the best gifts to mankind that the universe has bestowed upon us. In celebration of this amazing eatery,  here are some tips from start to finish to enjoy the most of this blessing that you can, without blowing all of your BuckID cash!

1.) Get a tortilla IN the bowl.

Before even beginning to decide how to make your masterpiece, the age-old question returns; burrito or bowl? Here’s an answer: why not both? Asking for the tortilla in the bowl is not only free, but you get to start your food “bowl” style, and later enjoy it as a burrito. Typically, getting a bowl allows for more room for food, so those of you that always opt for burritos should consider this tip in order to get more of what you want.

2.)  Rice Rice Baby

If you’re like me and absolutely despise the taste of brown rice alone, but don’t to want to sacrifice the amount of rice you get, then ask for both! The combination of both rices has enough flavor to cancel the individual types and get the most out of your bowl without having to ask for extra rice.

3.) Half and Half

If you can never decide between what protein to get and you prefer a meatier bowl, then ask for half and half of two choices! Nine times out of ten, you’ll get more protein per scoop when you ask for half of two options versus only going with one.

4.) Salsa on Deck

I know that not everyone may enjoy everything that chipotle offers, but spicing up your bowl or burrito with all or as many of the salsa’s and toppings they offer can definitely add interest to your meal and it’s what really sets your order apart from everyone else’s.

5.) Fre Shavacado??

For those of you vegetarians who simply couldn’t care for the meat, but love a hearty and full chipotle bowl, you’re in luck!! If you don’t get meat on your bowl, then guacamole is free! Yeah you read that right, FREE! Now you get just as much in your bowl as your meathead best friend, and you don’t gotta lose your hard earned guac to get some guac.

6.) Extra sides that aren’t extra

I will be honest and say that sometimes there are Chipotle workers that love to be skimpy on the salsa’s and toppings, but like why?? If you don’t get enough of that mild salsa or sour cream however, you can order some extra on the side, with no charge! This may be dependent on which Chipotle you go to, but for the most part you can get 1-2 (maybe 3 if you’re feeling ballsy) sides for no additional fee. We can all agree on the fact that Chipotle’s pico is totally worth it.

Eyon Ertachew

Eyon Ertachew


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