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Life Hacks: Getting an Internship You Are Horribly Unqualified For

Thinking of applying for your dream internship even though you have absolutely no experience whatsoever outside of taking the normal academic route and joining the burrito club for one meeting? It’s okay. There are actually a lot of internships that need people like you who are willing to work hard despite having no prior experience in the industry. Those are the people we like to refer to as family members of those already in the industry.

But what comes after family? FRIENDS. And if you have no friends, you can make some professionally in a beautiful thing called ~networking~.

Here is how it goes:

Ask your parents to ask their friends about the profession that you want to go into. Chances are that they know someone who could be a possible connection that you could contact and at least have a second set of eyes on your resume/advice.

Make a LinkedIn.

Search your profession and narrow your search to grads from the university you currently attend.

Connect with them and, by message, ask them if you could give them a call to ask about their experience/advice. Best-case scenario: They ask for your information and forward it on to others. Worst-case scenario: They do not respond.

What will probably happen: They do respond because they are flattered and all alumnus want to help one another and look over your resume, offer advice and give you other contacts. You could also ask to use their name as a reference if need be.

Apply for dream internship after getting advice from those in the industry.

If you have to write a cover letter, try to figure out who you are writing to and look up their information. If you see anything in common (i.e. a High School sport, minimum wage job etc.) mention that in your cover letter referencing your time management skills and/or interpersonal skills.

Read about the company you want to work for before coming to the interview. Nothing is ruins your chances more than coming to an interview unprepared.

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here


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