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Lego-Built Bar Coming To Columbus in March

Pop-Up Bars: if there’s one thing Gen Z loves more than to spend money, it’s having a good theme. 

Have you ever seen those perfect Instagram shots of Harry Potter, Stranger Things, or Christmas-themed pop-up bars and wished you lived somewhere like New York or L.A. so you could see what the hype is all about? Well, good news! One is coming right here to Columbus, so you can finally find out for yourself. 

March 6-7, The Brick Bar is headed to town and boasts over 1 million Lego bricks, both forming the bar itself as well as for customers to use. Coming to The Kitchen on Livingston Ave., Brick Bar describes itself as “Ultimate nostalgia, with opportunities to build your own creations on walls, compete with other customers for the best creation (with free drinks as the prize), play table tennis on a custom table of over 20,000 brick pieces, and have major photo opportunities.” 

The Brick Bar has been to the likes of Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Denver, and Los Angeles. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal for Columbus. As far as what’s on the drink menu, that varies from venue to venue. However, their signature brick cups are available in every city, because that photo op wouldn’t be complete without it. 

The inspiration for The Brick Bar came from a very simple question: how can we make an adult bar that brings you back to your childhood? The bar has seen such success in its previous cities because, as PR manager, Lisa Brown, puts it, “Everyone gets excited about being a big kid.” 

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If you’re in need of a pick-me-up in that mid-semester slump, or you’re a senior in denial about graduation and in need of a way to feel like a kid again, or maybe you’re an engineering major who just appreciates some good craftsmanship, then The Brick Bar might be just what you need this spring.

Tickets to The Brick Bar can be found on their website, www.thebrickbars.com

Delaney Appel

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