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Land-Grant Brewing Company Is Trying To Become More Eco-Friendly

And an Ohio State graduate is leading the movement.

When most people think of green beer, their thoughts turn to poorly dyed Keystone Lights that they somehow convince themselves to drop seven bucks on each St. Patty’s Day. But when Vincent Valentino thinks of green beer, he tends to look at the big picture.

Valentino is an Ohio State graduate and member of OSU’s second class of Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability majors as well as the sustainability manager for Land-Grant. Working with the Columbus-based Land Grant Brewing Company, Valentino has set his sights on making Land-Grant the most sustainable brewing operation in Central Ohio, according to a press release from the university.

“We’ve successfully made a case for why sustainable beer sells and how it can be sourced locally,” said Vincent Valentino in a press release.

With the rapid growth of craft beer and localized brewing companies comes a rapid growth in electricity, natural gas, and water usage. Valentino seeks to improve Land-Grant’s energy efficiency, water stewardship, and waste diversion. His efforts in improving the lighting at their plant alone saved the company a significant bundle on electricity costs.

“We reduced the outdoor energy consumption for lighting by 80 percent and indoor energy consumption by 50 percent,” he said.

A common byproduct of brewing beer is spent grain. To better utilize what would otherwise be excess waste, Land-Grant is working with Hoffman Farms in Hilliard to use these grains as feed for their livestock. Valentino also arranged a partnership with Ohio State to use yeast byproduct as fertilizer for the Garden of Hope at Waterman Farm and St. Stephen’s Community Center in Linden.

In return, Land-Grant has access to mint grown at St. Stephen’s and pumpkins from Waterman farms for flavoring its beers.

Valentino’s success in producing a more sustainable brewing operation in Central Ohio is a reflection of his education at Ohio State. His creative waste management and energy saving tactics demonstrate the impact of his education at the university and within his major department.

“It’s really humbling when we have our students come back, people we’ve helped mentor, and watch how articulate they’ve become and how professional and engaging they are with the community,” said Mark Giese, advancement and alumni engagement officer in the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Photo sourced from Land-Grant Brewing Co.’s Facebook page.


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