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Know Your Enemy: Washington

Welcome back! It's been awhile since the last quiz, so let's start with something easy. What is Washington's team name?

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Washington plays in which conference?

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Who is Washington's head coach?

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When's the last time Washington beat Ohio State?

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Has a Washington player ever won the Heisman trophy?

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How many national titles does Washington claim?

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The last time Washington won a national championship was in...

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One of these people is on the Washington football team. Which one?

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Know Your Enemy: Washington
Rose Bowl ready.
Washington is all the way on the other side of the country, but that hasn't stopped you from being an expert on the Buckeyes' upcoming foe. When New Year's Day rolls around the Rose Bowl is on TV, you'll be ready.
Washington Novice
Look, I know Washington is all the way on the other side of the world (basically) and Ohio State probably won't play them again for awhile, but you gotta have this one. Since the semester is over, this is probably the most important test you'll take until April.
...Did you try?
So... maybe you aren't the biggest college football fan, maybe you only care about the Buckeyes, whatever. There's no excuse here. When a random Washington fan pops up in whatever bar you're watching the game in, you're gonna get laughed out of the room if you refer to their team as the Washington Wizards. This is for your own good. Get studying and retake this quiz.

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