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Know Your Bartender: Morgan From Leo’s

Photos by Willow Mollenkopf

Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

How did you get into bartending and how long have you been doing it?
I got a job bartending at a local place back home over the summer, and then I saw Leo’s was hiring so I applied here. I’ve only been bartending for about seven months or so.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending?
In one week on two separate occasions I had two different (very drunk) boys offer me $20 to buy one of our trash cans… Obviously, I took it.

What’s the worst way
for someone to get your attention at the counter?

Yelling at me, snapping their fingers, tapping their card against the counter. Trust me, I see you when you’re up there and I will get to you without you doing all of those things.

What’s the best?
Pushing an empty drink towards the front of the bar so I see it, making eye contact, overall just being polite will make me want to serve you a lot faster.

What’s the most overplayed song at the bar?
Right now, since it’s Christmas time, “All I Want For Christmas is You” is pretty overplayed. Besides that Lizzo is still super overplayed.

What’s your go-to Drink Lately?
My go-to cocktail is always just a double vodka and Sprite, and I don’t really drink beer much, but I love Rhinegeist Bubbles or Down East Cider

When you’re not bartending, what are you doing?
I go to school for sign language interpreting, so I’m always studying and practicing for that, hanging out with my dog, Diesel, or drinking with my friends.

When you’re not here, what bars do you like to go to?
I’m pretty much always at Leo’s or Oldfield’s. Occasionally, I’ll go to Three’s or Out R Inn if I’m on North Campus.

If you could grab a drink with anyone–dead or alive–who would it be and what would you drink?
I want to pick Olivia Newton-John, because Grease is my favorite movie ever and I’d love to just talk about it. But I also kinda want to pick someone like Paul Rudd, because who wouldn’t want to have a beer with Paul Rudd?

Finish this sentence: Leo’s is the best bar on campus because…
We’re the perfect mix of a campus bar and a hometown dive bar, and we have super fun events throughout the week like trivia and bingo. Plus our whole staff is pretty kick ass.

Delaney Appel

Delaney Appel


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