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Know Your Bartender: Kourtney from Thr3e’s

Bartenders come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Who’s to say who is best equipped to give you what you need when you sit down across the bar? Bartenders. Professional babysitters, part-time psychologists, and a drunk’s best friend. When you need to know the best spots to get your drink on around campus and who to chat up while you’re there, we’ve got you.

How did you get into bartending and how long have you been doing it? I’ve been bartending for just about a year and a half. I actually was working at a smoothie shop for four years and I liked that atmosphere so much that someone joked, “Hey, you’d probably make a good bartender!” And as soon as I turned 21, I looked for the opportunity. After about a year of bartending, I found Three’s! I’ve been here for about six months.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while bartending?
Actually, it happened recently. OSU did some sort of scavenger hunt and these girls were told to come here and flash their boobs. So last weekend there were a lot of boobs. Probably twenty or so girls just flashin’ boobs.

What’s the worst way for someone to get your attention at the counter? Whistling at me. I hate that. I hate being whistled at.

What’s the best?
Just be patient! If you come up and smile or nod then I know and I will get there.

What’s the most overplayed song at the bar?
Oh. Lizzo. “Truth Hurts” and I hate that song! I don’t hate Lizzo, but the song is so overplayed. It’s an anthem but it’s played at least five times a night within the first couple of hours.

What’s your go-to drink lately?
I always get tequila on ice with a lemon wedge. I just sip on it the whole night. Like how people drink whiskey, I just drink tequila. It has to be cold, though.

What drink do you always recommend to customers?
I like to make frosted animal cracker shots. It’s cranberry juice and pineapple juice which sounds like it wouldn’t be good but it is, and Captain Morgan and RumChata. You shake it and it tastes just like one of those frosted animal crackers you would eat when you were little.

When you’re not bartending, what are you doing?
I’m either with my horses or I’m asleep. I am a horse girl. I have three horses: Miley, Emerson, and Willow. I got Miley when I turned eight and I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. I’m still watching it now that Disney+ is out. Fun fact, Willow is a miniature horse. She’s actually two feet tall.

When you’re not here, what bars do you like to go to?
I love hoppin’ around and supporting other campus bars. Of course I love Fours, our newest brother down there. But besides that, I like to drink on my couch at home. Maybe with some Disney+.

If you could grab a drink with anyone–dead or alive–who would it be and what would you drink?
Dolly Parton. She’s my favorite person in the world. I love her more because she has an interview where she says if she were trying to get drunk fast she would drink tequila. So like, she’s my queen. But she also loves red wine so we would have to drink red wine in her honor. I even dressed up as her for Halloween this year. Some people thought I was Pamela Anderson, but…close enough.

Finish this sentence: Thr3e’s is the best bar on campus because…
Threes loves everyone! And we have the best damn staff!

Amy Baumgarten

Amy Baumgarten


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