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Spice up your winter look with these fashionable jackets.

Alright Ohio, nobody said to skip fall and go straight into winter, so I’m gonna need that 30 degree weather to stop ASAP! However these frigid December temperatures doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the outfit for the sake of being warm. Having different selections of jackets add variation to your wardrobe, and can change the effect of any look. Of course, the goal is to withstand those freezing temps, but no one said you can’t look good while doing it!

Levi Jacket

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

This corduroy tan Levi jacket is always my go-to for almost any occasion. When picking jackets, I tend to go for ones that are pretty versatile, so that I know I’m getting a good wear out of it. This jacket goes with almost anything like a pair of black jeans, or blue jeans like the ones I’m wearing, and the sherpa detailing on the collar is probably one of my favorite things about it. Price point for this one is gonna be a little up there, I was able to get mine for about $90, but this jacket has essentially purchased itself from how many times I’ve worn it!



Photo by Collins Laatsch.

This jacket has to be one of the suave-ist things I own and that’s THAT! Honestly, it elevates literally any look you put this over, even something as simple as joggers and a sweatshirt. With the new wave of athleisure, and the timelessness of dapper wear, this jacket is now completely versatile for any occasion. Best thing about this jacket is that I got it on sale! Jackets tend to last longer throughout the seasons, so check out your local discount store for some great deals. This TopMan jacket was on sale and Nordstrom Rack (all hail the Rack!!).

Feature photo by Collins Laatsch.

Eyon Ertachew

Eyon Ertachew


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