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The Introvert’s Club: January, Pt. I

Everything you need to know about the latest tech and more.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (Xbox One, PS4)January 16th

Kicking off January is the release of an updated and redesigned edition of Capcom’s classic fighter. “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” is a free update on consoles for those who have already previously purchased the original fifth installment or around $40 for those who haven’t. This edition brings welcomed updates, fixes, and new game modes that are fun, challenging, and sure to freshen the game up again. The game’s namesake comes from a new game mode that pays homage to the entire franchise and offers 200 possible endings based on how well you complete each fight.


Kirby Battle Royale (Nintendo 3DS)January 19th

If you’re looking for the next handheld game to consume you, then “Kirby Battle Royale” is it. You remember Kirby, right? The pink ball that looks like chewed up bubble gum? Take to an arena with up to four friends, and assert your dominance as both a nerd and battle royale champion. In “Kirby Battle Royale,” you’ll choose an ability to wage war against your friends or progress through an exciting single player mode. This game is sure to bring some much needed competition to the 3DS.


Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One, PS4) – January 26th

Few remember this franchise’s humble beginnings on the PS2 back in 2004, but “Monster Hunter” has grown to become one of the most epic and aesthetically stunning games Capcom has ever made. In this new installment, you’ll find yourself accepting quests, crafting armor, exploring new lands, and, you guessed it, hunting monsters. “Monster Hunter: World” is bound to be one of the most memorable fantasy RPG’s of 2018, so be sure you grab a copy and get to slaying dragons.




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