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The Introvert’s Club: January, Pt. II

How to stay Fit(BIt):Exploring the Tech Designed to Keep you Healthy

As nice as it is to stay inside all day and reach level 100 Smithing, there comes a time where you can no longer ignore the nutritional columns on the cans of Redbull and bags of Doritos you’ve been inhaling. That’s why people smarter than us took time to create gadgets that will (hopefully) make us feel less guilty about only seeing the sun once a week. Here’s a breakdown of some fitness related tech.

Fitbit Flex 2

The Flex 2 is an affordable, stylish, and fairly inconspicuous fitness tracker that is designed to motivate you to exercise without all the flashy features of most fitness bands. The Flex 2 comes in a variety of interchangeable colors for men and women. After connecting with your phone, you’ll be able to monitor all sorts of daily activities and goals. This waterproof band can go with you anywhere, has a five-day battery life, and can even provide you with call and text notifications when you’re away from your phone. For those who are apprehensive to shell out for tons of fitness gear, the Flex 2 is the perfect place to start.

Map My Run

Running sucks. I don’t care what people say, it’ll simply never compete with binge-watching the Dark Knight Trilogy in one sitting. However, Map My Run is an easy to use app that’ll make running suck just a little less. Designed by Under Armour, this app lets you do exactly what its name suggests: map your run. If you’re not the type to go to the gym, this app is just what you need to keep track of your trails around campus and Columbus. It’ll also give you detailed feedback that’ll allow you to track your progress over time.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate Headphones

Under Armour and audio experts at JBL have teamed up to bring a set of bluetooth headphones designed for workouts. What makes these headphones special? They have a built in heart-rate monitor that will keep track of your personal fitness data and send it all to an app on your phone for you to follow. Listen to the music you want when exercising while also receiving audible notifications of your pace, distance, and target heart-rate zones. These headphones will take your workouts to another level.

Apple Watch (Series 3)

If you’re finding yourself entirely unmotivated to get off the couch, forking over the money for the latest Apple Watch might do the trick. I’m not just listing the Apple Watch because it’s an Apple product; it truly is one of the best fitness tracking technologies on the market today. With its 4G capabilities, waterproof interface, and GPS tracking system you’ll actually want to get out of the house to flex these new features. If you can get over the price point and are serious about tech that will help you get and stay healthy, the Apple Watch (Series 3) is the best in the business.

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