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If You Bring A New Yorker To Campus, He’s Gonna Want A Slice

There’s no need to leave Columbus to get a New York style pizza.

Everyone loves pizza. It’s a fact. There’s just something about the combination of cheese, sauce, and dough that gets the taste buds going. Being from New York, I’m always in search of a great pizza place that reminds me of home. After failing to find anything decent through passive searching, I went on a mission to try and find the best cheese slice to get me through the months at school. No more pizza pies cut like brownies, no more burnt or poorly made personal pies from franchises. Just a delicious cheese slice to feel less homesick.

Paulie Gee’s Short North • 1195 N. High St.

If Fleetwood Mac transformed into a pizzeria, this would be it. The hipster vibe was off-putting for a pizza place, but I was pleased to see a massive brick oven painted white to match the minimalist aesthetic. The menu only consisted of personal pies that were fairly expensive. Expecting a trendy spin on pizza, I took the first bite of my cheese pie (named the Regina) and my mind was transported to Italy. The flavors blended together in harmony, creating a symphony of zest. The pizza wasn’t just good, it was fresh. Each ingredient was a piece of the puzzle in a divine slice. Yet, the discouraging factor here would be the costly price—the Regina was $13. If you’re looking for a date night spot or trying to treat yourself, Paulie Gee’s is a great choice.


Aracri Pizzeria • 1607 N. High St.

The new kid on the block located on South Campus. Could it fill the void of losing The O Patio & Pub pizza? I walked in and was greeted with a friendly smile and quality service. For a $3.75 cheese slice, it was a pleasant surprise that matched the layout of the parlor. Nothing spectacular, but not too shabby. It was a happy medium that I enjoyed for the duration my meal. Definitely worth skipping a long line at Blaze for a few dollars more, or if you don’t want to take a trek north for the final suggestion.

Sicilia’s Fine Italian Specialties • 22 Frambes Ave.

I saved the best for last. A smaller shop next to one of the more popular campus bars, Sicilia’s pizza is exceptional. It makes up for the lack of size and indoor seating in taste. The cheese slice is all I could ask for of an Ohio pizza. Well-balanced sauce to cheese ratio, a thin crust with a thicker edge, and enough New York flop and grease to make me feel somewhat at home. It wasn’t an exact match, but it hit all the major keys I needed to experience that nostalgia. If the cold weather is too daunting, their delivery still holds up. Sicilia’s brings out my inner child to the point where I become Kevin McCallister: sporting a wide grin, taking a strong inhale to capture the aroma, and hearing an inner voice that sings, “A lovely cheese pizza just for me.”

Feature photo by Chris Cassella.


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