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How To Survive Senior Crawl

It’s your senior year!

Or you’re a freshman with a believable fake ID. Either way…

Finals are over, the semester is finished, and it’s one of the last chances you have to be wild with your crew before graduation! A night filled with discounted alcohol and drunkenly stumbling all over High Street; is there a better way to end the year?

Over the years, it has become less of a senior only event, and transitioned into an event where everyone celebrates the graduating seniors. But, this is to be expected here at OSU. We’ll take anything you throw at us as an excuse to go out and drink.

The starting point of your crawl should be as north as possible because it allows you to start with the traditional sit-down bar and grill experiences and make it to the more hype, dancing bars towards the end of the night—let’s be real, we all know you’re trying to get down at Bulls at some point this day. It also gives you a chance to visit some spots that most students to not explore slightly south of campus.

Last year’s list of bars map started north with Ledo’s Tavern and Blue Danube and made it as south as Village Idiot. Starting in north campus is a pretty safe bet for this year as well. With Three’s popping up over there and a plethora of drunken eatery spots along the way, you have endless fuel options to get you through the crawl.

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early.

The crawl is not a night event, it is an all-day event. Things really start to kick off around noon and goes until 2 a.m. when the bars close down for the night. Unless your stomach and liver are made of steal (they aren’t, just trust us on that), you’re going to need to take a little break from all the drinkin’ action. Once you hit the halfway mark—if you start in north campus, O Patio is your halfway point—you’re going to hit a brick wall. That means it’s time for a quick power nap to get you geared up for the last stretch of the crawl. Trust us, a little power nap, and perhaps a Red Bull, and you’ll be much more lively when the day drinking turns into night drankin’.

It’s a crawl, not a race.

In other words, PACE YOURSELF! You already know there are going to be several people in a back alley puking their guts out and you do not want to be that person. Our solution? Stick to one style of alcohol and don’t vary too much. If you are a beer drinker, stick to beer during the day and maybe make the switch to liquor during the evening if you are feeling adventurous. If you are a liquor drinker, take it slow. Your three drinks of whiskey compared to three beers is a world apart so don’t feel like you need to keep up with everyone drink-for-drink. Visiting every bar on along High Street is not something you have the chance to do every weekend, especially when drinks are discounted! Don’t ruin your night before it even starts.

More food, more life.

Eat before, during, and after the crawl! We all know what it’s like to drink on an empty stomach: your first few beers go down smooth, your buzz hits you quick, and then the next thing you know you’re at Plaza doing shots of tequila and your friends have the best blackmail of your drunk ass attempting to salsa dance. Instead, make your first stop on the crawl a bar that also has a good selection of food, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone! Sicilia’s next to Out-R-Inn is always a promising bet; and if you are feeling like truly indulging, PJ’s across the street can hook you up with all the greasy munchies you couldn’t even dream of. Donato’s on High serves pizza (duh), but it also has a full service bar making it another win-win spot for the crawl. We also recommend drinking some high quality H2O when you are chowing down, but you are probably going to ignore this so live at your own risk.

Tally up those drinks!

Know your limit! Not only does keeping track of your drink count give you a dope-ass excuse to draw all over your bar crawlin’ shirt, it can remind you just how much liquor and beer you’ve poured down your gullet. A magic marker or a Sharpie will do the job just fine here, but make sure you get yours before the day of the crawl, because the CVS on High St. will most certainly run out quickly. A good way I went about keeping track was dedicating each sleeve of my shirt to my alcohol choice. If I had a rum and Coke, I added a tally to my left sleeve. If I shotgunned a beer, I added a tally to my right sleeve. By the end of the night, your shirt will be a work of drunken art with all the signatures, drink tallies, and spilt drinks on it. Wear it proud, seniors, this is your day!

Like your mom always says: have fun, be safe, and relax!

With this many people dedicating their entire day to getting drunk, there will be that subset of people who don’t know how to act when they’re drunk, whether it’s unnecessary violence or being creepy to everyone of the opposite sex in close proximity. Try not to let negative energy ruin your night, and don’t be that person creating the negative energy. You are out with your team to have fun and celebrate making it through the year! No one else matters!


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