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How to Date Someone From Class

Going to class? Sucks.
Going to class when you have a Class Crush? Still not great but a lot better than the former.

In fact, I recommend developing a Class Crush, or a CC as I will refer to it, in the class you struggle with the most. By struggle I mean you have trouble getting there. Don’t bother getting a CC in a class you’re struggling to pull a D in – you need to be focused on that PASS, not on that ass. And since you’re asking… What’s better than going to class when you have a CC? Dating your CC. So, let me tell you how to do that. You better take my advice because I turned my CC into a year-long whirlwind of a romance. Who doesn’t want that?!

I highly doubt you need any help deciding who to have your class crush on. Just pick whoever you feel most attracted to. The person who can make conversation with anyone in the room? The shy dude in the back that only talks when he’s answering questions correctly? Maybe even the cutie next to you that looks at your paper during the weekly quiz? Hey, I won’t judge. Just pick someone. And once you have that special someone, there’s a few different paths you can take…

1. Friends? Anybody?

This is the easiest route to dating someone from class. If you play the part of friendly- person-who-just-wants-to-meet-other- college-students, it doesn’t come across as alarming and stalkerish when you strike up a convo with your CC. As long as you take the time to make friends with other people in your class, your CC will have no idea that you’re secretly fawning over them. Then, once you’re established friends who go on friendly candlelit dinner dates to the Short North, you can drop the bomb that you had been using friendship as a way to get close to them all along…in a way that isn’t quite friendship. And then you kiss. Easy as that. I promise!

2. Social Media Star

When I was going through the “crushin’ on my classmate” dilemma, this is the path I took. I’m big on social media. Specifically Twitter. Shoot me a follow, why don’t ya? @amydointhings. Okay, enough about me. There’s a few different ways to go about this option. You could hit them with the surprise

follow on your social media of choice one day after class. You could wait and see if they’re ever scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and then ask for their username. Or, if you’re me, you could announce your Twitter handle to the class and hope your CC is one of the few that actually follows. Stop rolling your eyes. This IS a viable option.

3. Study Date Necessary

Remember in the movie “Mean Girls” when Cady Heron pretends to be bad at math so Aaron Samuels has to tutor her? This method is kinda like that, but I’m hoping you’ll be a little more tactful. You don’t need to pretend like you can’t even spell the name of the class you’re taking. Just act like you need a little help, and c’mon, who doesn’t need a little help? This method is straightforward – ask if your lovely CC would have any interest in meeting up to study for the exam/do the problem set/share their darkest secrets and kiss in the moonlight. One of the three should definitely spark their interest and once you’ve done that, you’re in.

I know it can be intimidating to make a move on your CC. Luckily for you, you’re hot, you can read (proven by your ability to finish this article), and you have the chutzpah to turn this little obsession into something real. Go get ‘em, tiger!

Amy Baumgarten

Amy Baumgarten


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