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How To Brace Your Friday Nights In Sub-Zero Temperatures

The New Year has finally arrived, and it brought with it treacherous January weather. We all know what it’s like to brace the cold and go out on a Friday night, ditching your jacket because “hoes don’t get cold.” If you’re just as over the winter weather as I am, don’t be afraid to snuggle up in your cozy, heated apartment instead of trekking to Ethyl. Here are some fun Friday night activities to do when you just can’t bring yourself to drink on a “jacket.”

1. Postmates Feast

You and your roommates all order Postmates from different places and pig out! The best part is that there is no settling for Panera when all you really wanted was Aladdin’s.

2. At-Home-Self-Care Extravaganza

All it takes is some cheap wine, a roll of cookie dough, and some face masks to make this dream into a reality. Get a little tipsy in the comfort of your own home––in sweatpants, I might add.

3. Movie Marathon

No one will judge you if you spend a whole night binge-watching the entire Harry Potter (or Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, High School Musical––whatever floats your boat) series. An added plus? Building a blanket fort for maximum comfort. Good luck making a stable structure while wine drunk.

4. Game Night Tournament

A little trickier to execute, but with the right crowd this can definitely be a hit. Gather as many friends as you can convince to skip the bars and play your little hearts out. Fishbowl, Would You Rather, and Mafia all are great options to keep you entertained during the wretched winter. Editor’s suggestion: if you’re down to buy a board game, might I recommend Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens, or LINKEE? Your friendships will never be the same.

5. Make a Music Video

The Video Star app from your middle school days has been resurrected and can really kill a few hours. Pick your favorite One Direction song and bother your downstairs neighbors as much as you want. Or take it to TikTok and go viral. Now you’re really getting somewhere.

6. Roommate Yoga

A little out there, I know. However, gathering some roommates and laughing until there are tears in your eyes because they can’t do yoga to save their life definitely beats shivering in a stand-still line on High St. Do your best downward dog and tree pose and see who can keep it together the longest.


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