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How Firm Thy Friendship

Graduating seniors reflect on the people most influential throughout their time at college.

If you’ve made it to graduation, you know that you couldn’t have done it without some help. Whether that help came from professional advice from an advisor, educational resources from professors, or just goofing off with your best friend in the dorms, there are people who always seem to be there when you need them most. In a way of saying thanks to all those who have helped, we rounded up some graduating seniors to have them shout out some of the most important people in their college careers.

Trevor Lewis shouts out his long-time friend and roommate of three-years, Nick Vallo.

What’s your favorite memory of being with this person?

Favorite had to be going to the Cavs’ watch party to see them win the 2016 championship.

Why does everyone need a friend like Nick?

Because college is hard enough and doing it alone will make you miserable [laughs].

Mike Rudibaugh had a few shout outs to make for the people who made his college life better. Sean McCann, John Murray, Reid Stephan, and Dan Misencik all deserve a drink.

What was your first memory of meeting your friends?

My first memory of meeting Dan was in an accounting class and I didn’t know anyone in the class but I recognized Dan because he went to my high school so I went and sat by him. We ended having class together everyday that semester and we became really good friends. I have lot of memories with Reid and John because we lived together for three years, but my favorites memories came from playing the game catan with them. There was one game that Sean, Reid, John, and I were playing where we were all tied at 9 points and you need 10 to win! It was definitely our most intense game ever and we were all stuck on 9 points for like 45 minutes and the whole game took us over 2 hours. Eventually John won the game and we were all going crazy!

Why does everyone need friends like yours?

Well in my opinion I think it is important to have close friends that will stick by you and help you when you need it! College is a very stressful time in people’s lives and having good friends can help you relieve that stress. While you won’t do everything together college is not something you want to do on your own!


Nikki Tecco shouts out her friend Alyssa Holaday who quickly became her close friend and a home-away-from-home for when she was stressed about school.

What’s your favorite memory with Alyssa?

My favorite memory is the GreekCru Christmas Tea, which Alyssa spends FOREVER planning. We get to spend time decorating Christmas cookies and ornaments, and enjoying cookies and hot cocoa! It is honestly the best way to kick off the Christmas season and I love getting to just spend time with her there…She would help me by encouraging me to focus on the bigger picture- that ultimately, a bad grade on a test will not matter in the end. She has also been such an incredible resource as I prepare for graduation, offering to introduce me to people and reminding me that everything will work out! So she is a staff member with 2 BEAUTIFUL human baby girls and a husband who also works for Cru.

Why does everyone need a friend like yours?

Because you need someone to remind you what is really important and help you to reset your perspective. A lot of times in college, something goes wrong and your emotions spiral. Finding a mentor is so crucial for advice and just well needed encouragement as you navigate such a large university and new chapter in your life. We are in such a weird transition period from childhood to adulthood, and you need someone by your side who loves you and remind you of the ultimate goal

Alli Hammersla shouts out her random roommate from freshman year, Megan Pettner, who always kept Alli sane during stressful times.

What’s your favorite memory with Megan?

Any time I would look ugly at her when we were studying we both knew it was time for a UDF slushee (specifically the yellow Mountain Dew flavor). Those little breaks kept up all throughout college and are when we had the most laughs.

Why does everyone need a friend like yours?

Her and I were always on the same page. Not matter what stressful this I was going through, I knew Megan would understand and have my back. Now I have a friend for life and will be able to have a piece of OSU even after college life.

Feature illustration by Ryan Caskey.

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