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Holiday Lights 2K18

Is your significant other already on your case about finding all the holiday light shows for the winter season? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Wildlights (12.2-1.6)

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

A light show at the zoo is a holiday classic. Wander through the exhibits the zoo has to offer while experiencing the whimsy of wild lights. And don’t forget to see all the furry arctic friends! Just make sure to bundle up because you’ll be spending your evening outside.

Dragon Lights (12.2-1.6)

Ohio Expo Center • COTA route: 8

The Ohio Chinese Lantern show is back, bigger and brighter! Dragon Lights is a thrilling lights show full of gorgeous lighting, brilliant entertainment, good food, and Chinese heritage. Both an educational and entertaining experience, Dragon Lights is an international lights tour that has been dazzling the world and kept them asking for more each year. So, if you’re tired of the same old light shows, come celebrate like the Chinese have for centuries.


Gardens Aglow (12.1-1.2)

Franklin Park Conservatory • COTA route: 22, 10

What could make a light show even better? Plants, of course! Travel through lush rain forests, mountain landscapes, a forest of cacti, and other exceptional botanical wonderlands under a glow of bedazzling light displays during this horticultural holiday tradition. But that’s not all, there will also be frequent holiday performances to create the perfect Christmas ambiance full of life and lights!

Butch Bandos Fantasy Of Lights (12.1-1.1)

Alum Creek

Want the beauty of the lights without the sub-zero temperatures? Then Butch Bando Fantasy of Lights is the show for you! Drive your car through a wonderland of light and cheery ambiance while you play Christmas carols from the car stereo. Finish up your drive through with some complimentary hot chocolate and probably a few pics for the Insta.

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