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Now that they are out of the dorms, students look back on all the memories they had—good or bad.

Whether it’s your first year on campus and you have no idea what to expect, or this is your fourth year living in the dorms, there’s something you just have to love about them. Sure, it’s probably not the time someone took a shit and threw up in a bathroom stall (not the toilet, the stall) and didn’t clean it up and almost made your whole floor lose bathroom privileges. But there are definitely good memories to look back on from your time in the dorms.

Ava Pottschmidt lived in the dorms for two years before she made her way to an off-campus spot where she’s still probably catching up on sleep due to her snoring roommate freshman year.

What’s the best dorm memory you have? Whenever someone would come home drunk and I could laugh at the weird things they were doing provided it wasn’t obnoxious. Also, my boyfriend lived on the floor above me so it was really convenient.

What was the worst part of sharing a dorm room with other people? My roommate freshman year snored like crazy and I lived in a quad in Taylor Tower, so you can imagine how that went. If you have someone who isn’t quiet at night, you don’t sleep.

What is one rule that should never be broken amongst roommates? Don’t eat each other’s food without asking or having a plan in place about food sharing!

What sanitary advice can you give when it comes to sharing a bathroom? Cycle who cleans unless you make a huge mess. If you make a mess, clean it up ASAP. My freshman year I was the only one who ever cleaned and it caused some animosity.

Katie Hayes also lived in the dorms for two years and offers a horror story and advice about shared bathrooms.

What’s the worst dorm memory you have? Walking into the bathroom at 2 a.m. to find throw up on the floor.

What sanitary advice can you give when it comes to a sharing bathroom? PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF. If you don’t want to clean it, warn people…

What was your go-to dorm room meal? Single serve microwave mug cakes and brownies—you can buy a mix at Kroger and just add water.

Nadiem Musleh finished his two years in the dorms. He also loves mac’n’cheese, Pizza Rolls, and (probably) long walks on the beach, but who doesn’t?

What was the best part of sharing a dorm room with other people? Definitely building new friendships! Some of my best friends to this day were people I met in my dorm rooms. It’s the best place to meet people.

What’s the worst dorm memory you have? Walking in on my roommate. Ugh.

What’s the best way to set an alarm for the morning when you share a room with other people? Or is it just something you have to deal with? I set mine next to my bed so when it goes off I can turn it off quick. Try and find a less obnoxious alarm. Hopefully your roommate will follow through.

Does having a dining plan make not having a kitchen less of a pain in the ass? Definitely! Who needs a kitchen when you can walk and have food prepared for you anyway?



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