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Hello Donuts, My Old Friend

A year-long review of Buckeye Donuts.

On campus, you’ve got roughly a thousand options for food. From early morning brunch spots to 24/7 Greek joints, you’ll never be hungry if you’ve got a few bucks. But one icon stands above the rest: Buckeye Donuts.

Open Always, Closed Never! Tells you all you need to know about when you can obtain one of their delicious donuts—or anything from their menu, which is also great. (I actually prefer Buckeye Donuts gyros over Apollo’s. Fight me.) At Buckeye Donuts, Jelly Donut Time is all the time.

Walk in to the cozy shop on North High and you’ll be greeted by a glass case and a wall full of donuts—each one freshly made and more delicious than anything you’ve ever imagined. You’ll probably hear some old bops, too—like The Steve Miller Band’s Abracadabra or Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire. These old tunes might not be the perfect match for your listening interests, but they’re part of the atmosphere of Buckeye Donuts, the atmosphere that kept me coming back for 39 different types of donuts. Thirty. Nine. The atmosphere that has kept Buckeye Donuts running on campus since 1969, and the atmosphere that has made Jimmy Barouxis as beloved a character around campus as there can be.

Truth be told, donuts weren’t my favorite thing in the world when I began my time at Ohio State. But it was just something about the little donut shop on North High bearing a sign of Brutus holding an enormous donut that brought me in and hypnotized me into being a donut lover of the highest degree. Four years ago, I wondered if I would have any lasting impact from my time at Ohio State. Today, I know that this is my legacy. This is my civic duty. This is my magnum opus. And what a journey it was.


Donuts That I Have Dreamed About

1.) Maple Bacon

Before I started this journey, my favorite donuts were cream-filled long johns. Adding bacon on top made this the best of the best. I honestly was a bit skeptical going into it: I thought the bacon would be too crunchy and take away from the goodness of the donut as a whole, but I was blown away by how good this donut was. This donut is the best of the best.

2.) Crumb Cake

Without a doubt my favorite regular (non-fancy) donut. This was the first donut I entered into my catalogue, and was one of the very best I ever tasted. Got $1.10? Buy a crumb cake donut.

3.) Cinnamon Stix

A stix donut with cinnamon and sugar powdered on top? Hell. Yes. This donut is like if they made Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal into a donut, but without the crunch. Just a cloud of sugary, cinnamon-y goodness.

4.) Long John (Maple)

The best of the long john donuts, which are my favorite category of donut. I think that this is one donut I’ll never get tired of.

Damn Good Donuts

These donuts are exactly as the title would suggest: damn good. These donuts aren’t as high on my list as the previous ones, but there are some highlights worth mentioning. The Coconut Cake donut is great, and I don’t even like shredded coconut. Keeping that theme alive, the Apple Fritter donut is one donut I fuck with and I don’t even like apples. The Buckeye donut is an icon itself, and I didn’t eat one until I was finishing up my quest, but this donut is superb and insanely filling. Of course, the other iconic Buckeye donut, the Jelly donut appears on this list as well as the Paczki in raspberry; in hindsight, I should’ve tried the paczki in every flavor.

5.) Coconut Cake

6.) Apple & Spice

7.) Chocolate Raised

8.) Buckeye

9.) Vanilla Cream

10.) Blueberry Cake

11.) Apple Fritter

12.) Stix

13.) Bowtie

14.) Custard

15.) Chocolate Custard

16.) Chocolate Cream

17.) Strawberry Jelly

18.) Paczki (Raspberry)

19.) Long John (white icing)

20.) Original Jelly

21.) Buttermilk

22.) Cronut

23.) French Cruller

24.) Blueberry

25.) Glazed

26.) Cinnamon Powdered

27.) Long John (chocolate icing)

28.) Blueberry

Situational Slappers

The donuts in the final tier aren’t bad donuts because if you know one thing about Buckeye Donuts: they don’t have bad donuts. This list includes the plain Old Fashioned donut for anyone who hates glazing; the seasonal Pumpkin Spice donut which is perfect for eating in the fall, and only the fall; and the Peanut Cake donut which is absolutely covered in peanuts. It’s perfect if you like that kind of stuff, and a total nightmare for anyone allergic to peanuts.

29.) Peanut Cake

30.) Oreo

31.) Devil’s Food

32.) Old Fashioned

33.) Cinnamon Roll

34.) Pumpkin Spice

35.) Chocolate Frosted

36.) Red Velvet

37.) German Chocolate

38.) Holiday Spice

39.) Lemon

Feature photo by Ethan Clewell.


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