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Healthy And Cheap: Gyms near campus for FIT Week

FIT Week 2018: Oct. 15 – 20.

Whether you’re looking for a switch up in your daily workout routine, or just looking for dip your toes into the fitness waters, FIT Week is here to ease that transition. With numerous gyms across Columbus offering access into their specialized classes as well as the ability to try out a new facility, the $12 pass for the week opens your options beyond just the RPAC.


There’s plenty of off-campus gyms, restaurants, and retailers offering discounts and such during the week, so we put together a quick list of the options closest to campus.

System of Strength | 2560 N. High St. | Clintonville

Title Boxing Grandview | 955 W. Fifth Ave. | Grandview

Yoga Squad | 1600 W. Lane Ave. | Upper Arlington

Ronin | 1012 W. Third Ave. | Grandview

Rise Fitness Community | 4499 Kenny Rd. | Northwest Columbus (near Bethel Rd.)

Yoga On High | 1020 Denison Ave. #202 | Grandview

For more information on participating gyms as well as discounts offered during the week, check out fit614.com. To purchase your tickets, click here!

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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