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GRAB THE POPCORN! Or…candy corn? Halloween Movie Showings in Columbus


Once leaves start falling and it gets a bit chilly outside, everyone is in the mood to watch Halloween movies. Some people prefer horror and thrills, aka Stephen King movies, while others like some comedy mixed in, like the beloved Disney classic, “Halloweentown”. There are so many movies to choose from, and what better way to experience them than in the theater? Here is a guide for the best Halloween movie showings in Columbus this October.


Polaris 18 and XD – October 6 and 10

I bet you thought I’d start this description with “Who you gonna call?” but joke’s on you, I didn’t want to be quite that (candy) corny. Investigating the paranormal in an ‘80s movie is always a good time, which is why “Ghostbusters” is the best Halloween movie to see with a group of friends. You can quote the whole thing afterwards or joke about different scenes because of how grossly outdated they are. Bonus points are deserved if you attend the movie in the “Ghostbusters” outfits like the kids in “Stranger Things” season 2. Polaris 18 and XD features luxury loungers and reserved seating, so you can get the whole gang a row together and save on popcorn prices. Relax and relive your spooky childhood memories! Only without becoming completely terrified.


Gateway Film Center – October 26

Gateway Film Center shows a ton of horror films during the month of October, and one is none other than the famous “Psycho” that the show “Bates Motel” is based on. (No Freddie Highmore in this movie, though). Witness the shower scene that made “Psycho” so famous and see how the original movie lore plays into Bates–you’ll want to binge it all again afterwards, guaranteed. This film isn’t too scary to even watch alone; it gives you a chance to appreciate its cinematography and story as well as the horror. Plus, if you’re bored, Gateway is only a short walk from campus, so you’ll always have a backup plan for the weekend, even if you don’t have a car. Get that popcorn!


The Marcus Crosswoods Cinema – October 17

Everyone knows the famous Freddy Krueger blade claws, even if they didn’t know what exactly they were from; they are a favorite costume prop for trick or treaters and haunted house scarers alike. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is well known for its scares, psychological sleep fears, and of course, Johnny Depp. This movie is perfect for a date night, as all of the gore shots give you an excuse to huddle together in the theatre— they last a lot longer than your average jumpscares. The Marcus Crosswoods Cinema even has pizza you can purchase and share, and a lounge in the lobby where you can grab dinner beforehand or take into the theatre with you! It’s an all-in-one stop for date night.


AMC Lennox – October 11

In the mix of this list of classics, we have to leave a little room for a new star to shine through. (Plus, not all of you like horror movies.) Enter, “Little Monsters”! This film follows a grade-school teacher played by Lupita Nyong’o (“Us” and “Black Panther” most notably) taking her kids on an African safari, only to be cut short because of a zombie outbreak. She attempts to move the kids to safety while shielding them from the harsh truth that incredibly slow-moving zombies are coming after them. Featuring cameos from Josh Gad (who you may have heard as Olaf the adorable snowman), this movie pokes fun at every other zombie movie you may have seen. Scoring an incredible 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is sure to impress the horror-lovers picking fun at the tropes, and the comedy-lovers who are finally attending their first “horror” movie.


Everywhere – October 4

Possibly one of the most anticipated movies this fall is “Joker”. Not technically listed under “horror” films, this drama-thriller takes a deeper look at the famous Batman antagonist and his life leading up to his mental deterioration. Anticipated to make $82 million in sales its opening weekend, this film is a catch-all for movie goers this fall. It has the creep factor you crave in a good scary movie, the dimension you look for in a protagonist, and character development that hooks empathetic hearts. (Creepy clown make-up included.)


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