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Game On: Ohio State Building an eSports Arena

According to Darren Rovell, Ohio State is building an eSports arena with spots for up to 80 gamers in a larger effort to make a comprehensive center for eSports at the university.

The new arena is part of a larger program that will include studies on gamers’ bodies and brains.

Jbob, a member of the Ohio State Rocket League team, said that the Ohio State’s eSports program is excited about the news and looking forward to the arena coming to fruition.


Typically, members of Ohio State’s eSports program compete remotely, but that could be part of the past with this new arena. Recently, the OSU Rocket League team traveled to the University of Akron to compete in-person.

The match at Akron featured a crowd of about 50 people and as many as 20 thousand people streaming the event online.

Header photo credit: Darren Rovell/Twitter.



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