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Game of Thrones Characters by Major

Whether you’ve been watching since its debut in 2011, or you frantically binged all 8 seasons in a few short weeks like me, damn near everyone has seen Game of Thrones. However, since we’re not living in the time of sword fights and dragon queens, let’s make it a little more modern.


Now, let’s get into it.

Business – Sansa Stark

Listen. Petyr Baelish is as close as you can possibly get in the time of Game of Thrones to whatever the fuck is going on over in Fisher, and everyone who leaves Ohio State with a business degree is just as ruthless, conniving and spiteful of everyone else as Sansa was by the time season 8 came to a close. Also, all business majors are known to be spoiled and must get their way, as Sansa did by plotting against Daenerys and conceding the North from the seven kingdoms. Sansa Stark is DEFINITELY a business major. –TJ Neer

Dropped out and still got six-figure job – Jon Snow

College just didn’t work out for Jon Snow. He tried his best, and he did well in his classes, but deep down he knew that he would have to find happiness somewhere that didn’t involve a piece of paper, and so he did. He went North, and likewise, any Jon Snow types stayed for awhile, dropped out, then started a revolutionary tech company or something that saw them reach massive success, wealth and happiness. –TJ Neer

Strategic Communication – Tyrion Lannister

With his clever wit, sly cunning and sympathetic arc, Tyrion Lannister might be the best character in the entire series. But let’s face it: the imp should’ve died a shit ton of times. Without a penchant for Strat Comm skills, Tyrion could never have survived the hateful wrath of tyrants like Joffrey, Cersei and Daenerys. Hell, the man even monologues his way into electing the new King of Westeros while bound in chains at the finale. In a world of undead armies, dragons and whatever the hell Bran is, Tyrion’s gift of gab sees the show’s least physically threatening character weasel out of imminent peril on countless occasions. Tyrion isn’t just a strategic communications major, he wrote the damn syllabus on the subject. –Griffin Strom

Theatre – Jaime Lannister

Handsome, heroic, a bit evil and with a flair for the dramatic, Jaime Lannister is definitely a Theatre major. Fun fact: It was once pointed out to me that early-seasons Jaime looks just like Prince Charming from Shrek and that stuck with me the whole series, even after he chopped off those beautiful locks of hair. Anyways, of all the characters in the series who might have a Broadway play written about them, I think Jaime is the top of the list. You’ve got controversy with his romance of Cersei. You’ve got evil with his injury of Bran. You’ve got redemption in his fight against the Night King. You’ve got overcoming obstacles with the loss of his sword hand. You’ve got the dramatic death in the arms of a forbidden lover. Jaime Lannister is Hollywood GOLD, and that’s why he’s a theatre major. –TJ Neer

English – Ser Davos Seaworth

A desire for learning pretty much does this for me. Also the fact that Davos was useless on the battlefield. He was good at, like, two things and he stuck to his guns and didn’t lie about it. He might not be a good fighter, but he can smuggle you in and out of King’s Landing no problem. English majors might not be writing algorithms or code, but god damn can they give you a good story and edit your paper. –TJ Neer

Engineering – Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

In the end, he got paid. And that’s really all you need to know for this one. Bronn put in his work, he dealt with the hardship of fighting a dragon (which might be easier than some of the exams Engineering students take), dealt with TWO Lannister brothers, and was damn near the best swordsman in the land. He went through the ringer, but… HE 👏 GOT 👏 PAID 👏 –TJ Neer


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