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For Goodness Bakes

Five bakeries near campus you have to try.

As the weather turns cold, and sweaters make their way out of basements from across the city, a distinct feeling of coziness will emerge and a desire to stroll through the colors of autumn, pumpkin spice in hand, will overwhelm us. While many of us head to the nearest coffee shop to fulfill these urges, 1870 hopes to inspire many to venture out into the city and discover the incredible world of baked goods Columbus has to offer. While lattes may offer superior Instagram-ability, nothing quite compares to the warm smell of fresh baked bread and just out of the oven cookies, pastries, and pies that local bakeries have to offer. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite spots in the city.

Laughlin’s Bakery | 15 E. Second Ave.

Photo by Julian Foglietti.

Just off  Second Ave. sits Laughlin’s Bakery. Known for their traditional breads and French style, the spot is considered by some to have the best croissants in the city. Perfectly flakey with a light crunch to the exterior. While these are incredible, it is their lemon madeleines, and melt-in-your-mouth bar style pastries that truly reign supreme. Incredible butteryness with just the right amount of tart to balance it out. Laughlin’s is a perfect spot for a quick stop while out in about in downtown Columbus.

Dough Mama | 3335 N. High St.

Photo by Julian Foglietti.

South of north Broadway, and right along High Street, Dough Mama has been providing quality pies, and pastries to the people of Clintonville since 2014–and you should be getting in on what you’re missing out on. Many of their pies fulfill the traditional roles of pecan and apple. However its things you can’t get anywhere else like a lemon lavender chess pie, and a peach crumble that make it such a worthwhile destination. With a coffee shop style room attached to the side, it is a perfect location to study at if your looking for a place to switch things up at.


Pattycake Bakery | 3009 N. High St.

Photo by Julian Foglietti.

Don’t think were leaving our vegan friends out here. Pattycake, located just north of Lucky’s Market, is an all vegan, sustainably based bakery. To those that go, a wide selection of cookies, muffins, woopie pies, and cakes awaits. Fulfilling the role of a traditional sweets bakery, Pattycake offers a great alternative when a whole cake or study group muffin run is required. To sweeten the deal, they often offer delivery via bike messenger so you can feel good that your baked good addiction isn’t adding to your carbon footprint.

Fox In the Snow | 1031 N. Fourth St.

Photo by Chris Casella.

If coffee, baked goods, and Instagram worthy environments are your fall dream, Fox In The Snow is the place to be. This bakery features a wealth of breakfast style pastries for you to pair with your latte of choice, all in an environment pulled from the dreams of hipsters everywhere. It’s also the perfect escape from campus as it’s not too far, and it doesn’t offer wi-fi meaning you can enjoy a few blissful moments that don’t include frantically checking Carmen for your latest exam scores. As for the menu options, you seriously cannot go wrong. The biscuits with housemade jam (jam is just jelly for rich people), honey, and sea salt here put the Pillsbury Doughboy to shame, you are never too full for a an oversized cinnamon roll, and the seasonal fruit tarts are worth going into deeper debt for.

Angry Baker | 1247 N. High St.

Much like Pattycake Bakery, anything you get here will be completely vegan after Angry Baker made the last few final changes to remove animal products from their baked goods. While the other places on this list boast a place to hang and sip some caffeine-fueled beverages, the Angry Baker location in the Short North is more geared towards grabbing your delicious food on the go. The cakes here are nothing short of amazing, but unless you have a 13-year-old birthday party to go to, you’ll probably just keep your eyes on the cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and muffins. A personal favorite has to be the lemon and blueberry donut, but you could fool your non-vegan friends into eating a vegan “chocolate chip” cookie from here and they would swear that there’s actual milk chocolate in the treat. And if you are looking for more of a sit-down experience, the Angry Baker location in Olde Town East offers mouthwatering brunch options like vegan carrot cake pancakes.

Julian Foglietti


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