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FitTips: Free Fitness

So maybe your problem isn’t so much that you can’t find a place cheaper than the RPAC, the problem is you can’t afford any gym memberships that aren’t included in your $9,000+ tuition. Don’t worry, broke boys and gals. We’re here for you. Here’s some 100% free fitness classes at the RPAC to check out the university offers, all you have to do is activate your Online Fitness Pass at recsports.osu.edu.

Early Risers

Full Body TrainingTuesdays at 6:30 a.m.

A mixture of strength training with bursts of high to moderate speed cardio that will more than likely leave every part of your body sore as hell.

Indoor CycleWednesdays and Fridays at 6:15 a.m.

Indoor cycle focuses heavy on cardio training where your trainer will pick a specific course at the start of each class and push you to reach your workout goals for the day. Your legs will feel like jello after this.

Sunrise Yoga Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m.

Sometimes getting fit in the morning means getting your mind right. Stretch out those tired bones and get geared up for Hump Day!



TRXWednesdays at 12 p.m.

This workout is unlike anything you’ve seen before. TRX Suspension Trainers are super versatile workout bands that can challenge almost any muscle you want from legs to back to arms to shoulders.

Simply StrengthFridays at 12 p.m.

Simply Strength is your straight up workout where you’ll use traditional weights and machines as well as resistance training for a complete body workout. They say you’ll leave here energized for the day, but you’ll probably leave here energized for an afternoon nap.

Barre NoneThursdays at 4:15 p.m.

Improve your balance, core, and overall flexibility through ballet, Pilates, and yoga-inspired exercises.

Late Nighters

Cardio Barbell Mondays at 5:10 p.m.

If you are looking to improve your overall strength, look no further. This class uses a group barbell that progressively gets more and more challenging meaning you’ll be feeling every bit of gassed by the time this 50-minute workout comes to a close.

30/30Tuesdays at 5:20 p.m.

This class will put your endurance to the test as you spend the first half cycling through a terrain your trainer picked and the second half of the class is spent working on muscular strength through weights and bands.

STRONG by ZumbaThursdays at 7 p.m.

Zumba is all about moving and grooving while using your own body weight to strengthen and tone your muscles. This class is no different, it’s just way more high intensity to make sure you leave with a great workout, and probably a sore ass.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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I hate the people that loudly chew their food or smack their gum in the middle of class, I literally hope you get a terrible sunburn, a million paper cuts, and then dunked in a pool of lemon juice

Where are all the cute redheads at?

NOT people who open containers of tree nuts in open places. Seriously, people are DEATHLY allergic to them. Not just if they eat them, but also if they have contact with their oils or she’ll them. If your hungry, open a bag of potato chips. Don’t put a whole population at risk.

The hot redhead chick from the Wendy’s commercials a few years ago

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