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You always remember your first time.

That’s what every Ohio State senior is thinking when they enter the Shoe for the first game of the year, as they reminisce on their first experience in the student section. Whether it be remembering to carry Tylenol for your inevitable Block hangover, or resting your voice the night before so you can roar the words to “Carmen,” everyone has their golden rules for attending games. Here at 1870, we turned to the experts: Griffin Spielman and Nicole Zaayer, the president and vice president of Block O, to give us their takes on what to expect when you walk into that stadium.

Do you have any specific memories of your first game or time in the student section?

Nicole: I actually didn’t get involved in Block O until my sophomore year, but my first memory is when I painted up for our game against Oklahoma in 2017. It was kind of a sad memory because we lost, but it was really cool because I got to be in the front of Block O South even though I didn’t have Block O tickets. I just got to experience that because Block O has the opportunity to be in the front, so that is my first really cool memory.

Griffin: My first memory of Block O was the game against Tulsa my freshman year. It was raining like a monsoon and we all stayed and went crazy.

What are your student section necessities that you need to have with you at the game?

Nicole: In terms of what helps you fit in at the student section, I always bring my game day buckeye necklace, and I have a black and red pair of beads. I also have my lucky game day socks. I would try to pick a few things that you’ll wear every game and just make it your “lucky whatever” because it makes game day more meaningful.

Griffin: My absolute necessity for games is a bottle of water, because I definitely lose my voice by the second quarter.

Favorite chant?

Nicole: Stadium Ohio is my absolute favorite, and when we went to Michigan two years ago, we did it in the Big House. So ever since then it’s been my absolute favorite.

Griffin: My favorite chant is definitely “F*ck Penn State!”

Do you have any advice for freshmen who may be nervous about their first time in the student section?

Nicole: Don’t be afraid to be that annoying person being more enthusiastic than everyone else, because if you’re able to do that, everyone around you is going to end up being as annoying and crazy as you. If you see someone being just as crazy as you, go up to them and introduce yourself, because especially in Block O, all of the crazy kids, that’s us. We all bond over being crazy Ohio State fans. So don’t be afraid to branch out and stand next to someone because you like how they’re acting at the game and you like their vibe.

Griffin: My biggest advice to freshmen is to talk to the people around you and get involved. Once you realize that all the kids around you are crazy fans just like you, it becomes super easy to make lifelong friends.

Header picture by David Heasley

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