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Fight Or Flight

When flight isn’t an option, Krav Maga could keep you safe

Imagine coming home after a night out with your friends. In that moment, you are probably recapping the night with everyone: laughing at all the drunks at the bars, venting about upcoming assignments, and arguing over what toppings should come on the pizza you are about to order.

But then, as you walk in your home and gear up to wind down the night, uninvited guests kick open the front door of your home, and they are locked, loaded, and ready to steal your shit.

For six students at Ohio State on a Friday night in February, this was a reality. And after confrontation ended, the students were left without their wallets, keys, and phones.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first nor the last time this will go down at Ohio State, or anywhere else for that matter.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over 1 million home invasions occur in the United States alone annually. If you do the math, roughly 1 in 323 people will be a victim of a home invasion, and odds are the burglar(s) will be armed.

So, after those grim statistics, you are pretty much left with two options. The first—you could test your luck. We don’t recommend that. At all. Ignoring the fact that home invasions are real things will not make you any less susceptible to them. The second—and only sensible choice—is to prepare yourself. What can you do to prevent this? What can you do if it happens? What is worth protecting?

Well, we weren’t sure of the best answers, so we decided to talk to an expert self-defense instructor to find the best answers. Howard Mallen is an elite instructor of Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a style of self-defense that has been perfected and taught to thousands of Americans, both law enforcement and civilians. It mixes elements of judo, karate, aikido, boxing, and wrestling, as well as realistic fighting training. Basically, if you can master it, it’s a little bit of everything to get you kickin’ ass and taking names when needed.

Krav Maga Worldwide and Mallen’s expert tips helped us develop a quick guide of how to prepare for and what to do in the event of a home invasion.

Mallen’s biggest advice for an active victim of an armed robbery is to be trained. Being trained will help you decide on the most effective decisions in any given moment, as no robbery is the same. The simplest training can keep you calm and help save your life.

Maybe you’re thinking you aren’t physically capable of hurting anyone (or maybe that’s just me, someone who can barely bench half my weight). But, that won’t fly with Mallen. He has heard it all before, and he’s confident these techniques work for any and all people.

“Krav Maga works for both genders and athletic ability,” Mallen explained. “It’s easy to learn quickly, and it is principle based.”

And Mallen is right. Krav Maga is built on the principles of using simple and repetitive strikes, focusing on attacking the enemy’s most vulnerable points, and maintaining awareness of the situation and objects around you that might help you win the fight.

He even mentioned that his 7-year-old trains with him. If you don’t believe he would be effective, “just let him kick you in the balls, you’ll have to wait a second, trust me.”

If his 7-year-old son can do it, you can too.

Krav Maga is built around the idea of keeping the defender safe. Howard used the phrases “don’t get hurt” and “avoid the situation if possible” multiple times throughout our conversation. Obviously, that is easier said than done, but that’s why Krav Maga offers the physical training, not just the verbal tips.

“If not Krav Maga, do something.” Howard clearly believes in Krav Maga, but is most adamant on keeping yourself safe by taking some time to get trained in some form of self-defense. So get out there, find a class, and get educated. After all, it’s yours, your best friend’s, or loved ones’ lives that could depend on it.

Regardless of size, athletic prowess, or gender, Krav Maga is for you. A few hours per month is worth sacrificing to potentially be a life saver. Who knows, you may even enjoy the workout.

Krav Maga courses in Columbus

Ronin Training Center

1012 W. Third Ave.

Ohio Krav Maga & Fitness

690 Radio Rd.

950 Taylor Station Rd.

Buckeye Krav Maga

1000 Morrison Rd.

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