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Concerts coming to Ohio and who to bring with you.

When summer rolls around, all the hottest festivals break out and bring in some of the best performers in the entertainment industry. But, unfortunately, most of these awesome adventures take place in a different state leaving us to living vicariously through our rich friends on Instagram and catching up on the moments with those crappy YouTube videos someone took on their cracked iPhone.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to leave Ohio to enjoy a festival, in fact, you hardly have to drive an hour in any direction to find one. From comedy and throwback jams at the Ohio State Fair to smooth jazz and ribs on the Scioto Mile at the Jazz and Rib Festival, here’s the concerts and performances you can’t miss this summer.

Springsfest (Yellow Springs)

7.7  CAAMP

Coming to the Yellow Springs Springsfest lineup is none other than the Columbus-native group, CAAMP. The male duo combines banjo and guitar into a unique experience, and is known for a genuine sound that sounds like it’s from the heart. You can see the duo, as well as many other groups, for $55 general admission.

Who to Take: Your sister

CAAMP offers a laid back type of sound that is great for a family experience, and wouldn’t it be nice to take your sister somewhere to something you will both enjoy? Even if the answer is no, take your sister, she should enjoy this music regardless in her musical preference, as CAAMP offers something new and enjoyable to all.

Summer Jam West (Hilltop)

7.14 Zoo Trippin

Get ready for some grassroots, as Summer Jam West looks to grab your interest in the middle of the month. The event takes place in Westgate Park from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and features five artists, including Zoo Trippin’, a group of five who implement various genres into their work, but while always fusing it with a basis of rock. The group has a unique style to them, and often bring guests to spice up their already impressive live shows. Best of all? It’s free.

Who to Take: An older sibling

This is an event for some more mature, more cultured folk, as there are a lot of featured artists to go along with the music, and an older brother or sister should appreciate all that it has to offer. Zoo Trippin’ has a more mature sound, and their fusion of genres and guests makes for a fun live show that should really go over well with your older sibling.

Creekside Live (Gahanna)

7.13   Hebdo and Doc Robinson

For one of the July editions of Creekside Live, rock’n’roll group Doc Robinson headlines the event. Supported by the Gahanna Parks and Recreation Foundation, this duo makes “backyard BBQ breakup music” according to their own website. The group prides themselves on being catchy and nostalgic, and you can catch them along with folk artist Hebdo for free.

Who to Take: Your hipster friend

Doc Robinson goes for an old-fashioned feel, and they feel absolutely perfect for that one friend looking to get on something unique. Their sound has enough oldies in it to gain respect from even the snobbiest of music listeners, while putting a unique flair that makes their sound their own.


Jazz and Rib Fest

7.22  Dave Koz and Friends

Hot ribs and cool jazz? Sounds perfect to me, and that is exactly what is happening in Downtown Columbus from July 20-22. The event is free, and American saxophonist Dave Koz is the major headliner, along with other major names he is bringing along.

Who to Take: Your dad

I mean, who else appreciates jazz more than your dad? This is a free event, check. There is smooth jazz and some major names that your dad should totally be into, check. And, maybe most importantly, there are ribs to go along with it, so check mate. This should be quality time with your father, and an experience you both can enjoy.

Ohio State Fair

7.27  TLC

From July 25 – August 5, the Ohio State Fair will take place at the Ohio Expo Center, and among the various events taking place there, TLC will be performing. The fair has rides, exhibits and, of course, concerts, and T-Boz and Chilli will look to light up the stage on the 27th. General admission tickets will run at $8 and tickets to TLC are as low as $40.

Who to Take: Your mom

Your mom didn’t go chasing waterfalls in the 90s for a reason, and she would love to experience the return of this hit hip-hop group whenever she has a chance. There are loads of events to enjoy with your mother before the main event, and when the time comes, you will gain some major brownie points when “No Scrubs” is performed.

2×2 Fest

7.28  Skyzoo and Apollo Brown

Hip-hop artists Skyzoo and Apollo Brown will be taking center stage at the 2×2 Hip-Hop Festival at the back end of July. If you weren’t sure, this festival is rap-centered, and is taking place on W. Broad St. and features a handful of up-and-coming acts looking to electrify the stage. Tickets are $10 or $15 at the gate.

Who to Take: Your partying friend

This show is going to be a whole lot of hype, and it takes that one friend that’s looking for the hype to go with. Skyzoo and Apollo Brown won’t hold anything back and have some fiery bars under their belt, so look for this event to get rowdy, and to have that friend that will be just as excited about the intensity on display.

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