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Fashion First with Marisa Dzwonczyk

You don’t have to be a famous Instagram fashionista to know a thing or two about good fashion. In fact, just by looking around you, you can notice a good fashion trend from a bad one pretty quickly. I mean seriously, why were people so obsessed with jogger jeans when they came out?

Jogger jeans aside, what you are wearing is usually based off what’s around you. So for fashion tips, who better to ask than your fellow students rocking some of the best outfits on campus?

That’s what we did. Check out what’s swirling around the fashionable mind of international business and fashion and retail major Marisa Dzwonczyk.

What’s the one article of clothing you love to wear that your significant other hates?
He loves really everything I wear! He’s told me that it’s so interesting to him because I think about and pay more attention to fashion than anyone else he knows—and that it’s an art form to me and not just clothes.

What’s the difference between your going to class outfit compared to your going out outfit?
I look like complete hell in class. I wake up like seven minutes before I have to leave and put on the coziest thing I can find. Everything on campus is so far away, even wearing sneakers that are a little uncomfortable isn’t an option.

What’s the worst fashion trend you’ve seen on campus this year?
Where to begin. People are really in a million different places as far as style literacy. I think people need to do better as far as going out clothes. However, it seems like there’s a uniform, like, girls wear bodysuits, black jeans, and scuffed up ankle boots, and guys wear plaid button downs. Yawn.

What was the last compliment you received on your style?
That it’s very dynamic and my “style” can never be assigned to just one category.

Can you give us style advice in six words or less?
No one “can’t pull something off”

Give us three places you love to shop (IRL or online)
I have gotten really into scrolling through MATCHES and FWRD and other super high-end retailers just to make myself sad. But mostly I try to find high end-looking stuff on ASOS, Zara, Bershka, Stylenanda, and TopShop.

What’s your go-to piece for going out?
I never like to look the same going out. I like to have a completely different look every time, depending on how I feel and where I’m going. Lately, I have gotten really into super dramatic runway eyes (all over color, outer eyeliner, etc.)

How comfortable is too comfortable for what you wear to class?
I really wish I had more loungewear for going to class. People usually dress within the same range of comfort, like exercise clothes, etc., but occasionally you’ll see someone in pajama pants which is really not okay.

Tell us about one outfit you remember thinking was “the shit” but it turned out to be … shit.
I am constantly reflecting on outfits of time’s past. I’m always learning more about fashion and trying to better my style, and never wear the same outfit twice. I find that even the outfits I loved, though I don’t hate them looking back, I have evolved past thinking they’re awesome and that I’d wear them again.

If you could wave a magic wand over your wardrobe, what’s one thing you would change?
I’d make it way less of a broke ass wardrobe. Obviously. Even though there’s some pieces I really love, I’d trade every stitch for better designers.

Fun Fact:
She’s the President and Editor-In-Chief of High Street Style!

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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