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“Family” dinners to bring the gang to in Columbus

When you’re in college, your friends become your family away from family—sometimes almost literally if you live in the same dorm or off campus house. They’re your go-to for parties, venting about class, and, most importantly, food. Getting dinner with the mains is a favorite pastime for college students, but ordering and paying separately is expensive and a pain. And who can forget about that friend who wants to try everyone’s food because they hate their own? Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants around Columbus that offer family-style dinners, where you can get HUGE plates of food for everyone to share, and then you all split the bill. Here are some of the best places to go if you want to share the gift of delicious dinners with your friends and save some money too.

Buca di Beppo


Buca di Beppo is located right next to Nationwide Arena, and is an absolute must-go-to place for all Italian lovers. This below-ground level restaurant looks small from the outside, but has ample amounts of seating, as well as artwork like photographs, abstract works, and statues. Their menu is mostly different kinds of pasta and Italian meat dishes, including their famous giant meatballs. It also features serving sizes for three people (“small”) or five people (“large”). Did I mention they also have unlimited free bread and oil? No need to order extra appetizers here. If you’re celebrating something or just want to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, get the Colossal Brownie Sundae—it’s basically a chalice of sugar—you won’t regret it, and you will need at least five people to finish it all.

Schmidt’s Restaurant & Banquet Haus


Do you love delicious German food? What if I told you that you could have an endless amount of said delicious German food, and so could your friends? Schmidt’s in German Village is where you can find this amazing deal. Pay for the buffet instead of an entree, and you can eat your heart out. You can’t share the buffet between people, but having endless access to bratwurst, sauerkraut, salad, rolls, and more is completely worth it. (You wouldn’t want to share anything anyways—it’s that good.) Each person that orders the buffet also scores a deal on Schmidt’s famous giant cream puffs. They get a new flavor of puffs every month, and one can easily feed two people, especially after you’re already stuffed. Fill up a to-go box and have your dinner prepped and ready to microwave the next day.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro


Zen lovers rejoice—P.F. Chang’s China Bistro has all your aesthetic (and Chinese food) needs covered! If you’re familiar with Easton, this place is easy to spot with its giant windows and horse statue out front. The inside features lovely mountain artwork and circular hanging lights; think of the shape of cheese wheels but as soft, white lights. P.F. Chang’s makes all their food fresh and in-house, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality entrees. Order the classic sweet-and-sour chicken, or sample a new dish since you’ll be sharing with friends. Looking for a unique dessert to top everything off? Try their Banana Spring Rolls. You’ll get six rolls filled with warm banana and caramel along with a unique pineapple coconut ice cream to bring the dish together. Next time you’re at Easton with the gang, end your night of shopping here to refuel and relax.


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