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Faces Of Campus: Katie Pastrick

Every week, we want to ask students about their taste in life. What are you listening to? What’s the worst fashion trend you’ve seen on campus? Where’s the best place to grab some grub when you’re tight on cash?

Albeit these questions are fun to answer and read, they also show more about the people around you at Ohio State. While you and your friend might be both English majors, your tastes in music could be two worlds apart. And that’s the beauty of asking these kinds of questions. Not only can you learn that you aren’t the only English major who has a passion for Slayer, you get to know a little bit more about a fellow student so the next time you’re in class with them you can say, “Wait, aren’t you the person who also loves death metal?”

Katie Pastrick | OSU Neuroscience

For this week, we picked through the brain of neuroscience major Katie Pastrick and found out her taste in R&B and alternative music is pretty damn vibey.

What was the last great show you went to?

I saw Bon Iver this past October in LA at the Festival of Disruption, a sort of film/music/creativity festival. It was hands-down the best live performance I’ve ever seen. To me, Justin Vernon (the lead singer) is a true artist, painting with sounds and words and phrases, glitches and sweeping echos, that come together into this almost abstract thing that you don’t fully comprehend but you know exactly how it feels. And you have no choice but to feel.

If you had to create your music Mount Rushmore, who would be on?

This is a tough one because my taste in music is pretty fluid and constantly evolving, so applying any kind of “ranking” to artists or picking favorites just doesn’t really make sense for me. That being said, the artists I seem to return to again and again are those who are so innovative and creative that they stand out in a sort of class of their own, making music so unique that it’s almost impossible to get tired of. So my Mount Rushmore of music would be Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Alt-J, and Tame Impala.

Can you name us the last three songs you listened to?

“Your Hand on Mine” by FAVELA; “Kitchen Cry” by dné; “Wallowa Lake Monster” by Sufjan Stevens…Some ambient morning stuff for my walk to class.

What songs or albums are on your guilty pleasure playlist?

Can’t say I listen to any music that I feel particularly guilty about, but I will say I have a guilty pleasure of dancing like an idiot alone in my apartment to certain songs/albums. To name a few: Phoenix’s “Bankrupt!” album, Anderson .Paak’s “Malibu,” The Kooks’ “Junk of The Heart,” “Night Drive” by Ari Lennox, “Smooth Sailin'” by Leon Bridges, and “Prune, You Talk Funny” by Gus Dapperton (highly recommend this song and the music video for some funky and contagiously good vibes).

If you could go on tour with one band, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Tame Impala for sure. Listening to their most recent album, Currents, is like going on an adventure. And I’d imagine a tour with them would be just that.

What was your most listened to song of 2017?

“Biking (solo)” by Frank Ocean. “Provider” by him was a close second. Forever awaiting his next album.

Where did the Grammy’s go wrong this year? If you could change anything, what would you change?

Unpopular opinion, but, I wouldn’t have given a single award to Ed Sheeran. I’ve always hated his music, not exactly sure why…something about his voice just instantly annoys me. I also would’ve picked “Freudian” by Daniel Caesar as R&B album of the year, it was easily my favorite album of 2017.

You are the front woman of a band and you’re trying to come up with a name for the band. What’s the name of your band?

“North High” was the first thing that came to mind. First place I ever lived on my own was an apartment up North on High Street. I made this really long playlist on Spotify and titled it “North High.” I don’t know, there are just a lot of feelings wound up in that time in my life; feelings of freedom, solitude, and realizing who I really am when I’m on my own. Music was a big part of that.

What’s one concert you went to that you thought was going to be “the shit” but it turned out to be … shit?

Kings of Leon was a massive disappointment for me. I’m a long-time fan, love their music, but it’s no secret that they give a terrible live performance. I’ve never seen a band so disinterested in their own music—blank facial expressions, zero engagement with the audience…just went through the motions. I don’t enjoy music if I can’t feel the artist’s emotion in it. Felt the same way when I saw John Mayer, and haven’t listened to his stuff since.

If you could put together a massive music event where money isn’t an issue, who would be your three headliners?

James Blake, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow. With some collaborative songs between the three of them. I’d die happy if I could witness that.


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