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[email protected]#$ Yo Chicken Strips! (Are Delicious)

Nate Henton, Hall of Fame Viner, OSU student, chicken strips expert extraordinaire.

The infamous Vine that lives on in compilation playlists on YouTube is simple, yet hilarious. There isn’t any advance editing done, and why it went viral is still somewhat of an anomaly just like “Damn Daniel” and other memes before us.

But for a brief moment in time, people were hanging out car windows shouting at innocent passer-byers the simple phrase of “Fuck your chicken strips! Fuck ‘em!” And it’s all thanks to OSU student Nate Henton.

Nate uploaded that six second video clip many years ago and now he spends his time at Ohio State working towards a degree in criminology and criminal justice. But that doesn’t mean he’s done with chicken strips. You can’t become the internet’s “Chicken Strip Kid” without answering a few questions about the food that grew your name to fame. Here’s where the Chicken Strips Kid gets his fill of deep fried chicken—for the sake of the campus culture.

3. Raising Cane’s

Good for?: Best experienced after a night out.

What I recommend:

As you may know, I am a huge fan of chicken strips (had to say it), so while attending OSU, there was nothing I would crave more than Raising Cane’s chicken after a fun night out. For all of the incoming students that are going to be new to campus, I highly recommend Cane’s chicken no matter what the time is, but I will warn you about the mile-long line that can form there on most Friday and Saturday nights. There’s no doubt that Raising Cane’s is one of the most popular chicken places on campus and for good reason, so next time you find yourself stumbling down High St. after going out, do yourself a favor and stumble into the Canes line for the best drunk food you’re going to get.

Menu Recommendations:

Chicken Strips (Obviously)

Crinkle-Cut Fries

Texas Toast

Canes Sauce (Gasoline)

2. Nashville Hot Chicken Takeover

Good for?: Good for any meal.

What I recommend:

If you are a fan of true southern style cooking, then Hot Chicken Takeover is the place for you. They have a great variety of options (Wings, Drumsticks, Breasts) that can also be put into a sandwich and all of their meals come with Ma’s Slaw, Ma’s Mac, bread and pickles. The flavor options are pretty limited as they mainly focus on “hot” chicken so you basically have the choice of hot chicken, or even hotter chicken. Luckily, I personally love hot/spicy food so Hot Chicken Takeover was an instant hit in my book.

Menu Recommendations:

Wings (Holy #&@*%?!)

Chicken Sandwich

Ma’s Mac (Ridiculous)

1. Popeyes Louisiana Chicken

Good for?: Quick lunch

What I recommend:

You don’t need to be the Chicken Strips kid to realize Popeye’s is clutch for most occasions. Whether it be a quick lunch in-between classes or grabbing it as a pre-game before going out, Popeye’s chicken is always a good idea. The amount of food items (chicken strips, seafood, sandwiches, wraps) you can order is quite extensive and really gives you a bunch of different combinations to try. It’s also is relatively cheap so it’s a good meal option for college kids trying to eat good on a budget. As a solid chicken advocate, I highly recommend Popeye’s chicken to anyone trying to eat on the go or looking to save some money, but still fill their fried chicken needs.

Menu Recommendations:

Chicken Strips (Extra Crispy)

Cajun Fries


Mac & Cheese

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1870 Staff


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