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Keeping your belly and wallet full every day of the week.

You’ve made it to winter break! Congratulations! But if you live off-campus, you still have a couple weeks to hang out before going home for the holidays. Class won’t keep you busy and the money you made over the summer can’t be blown just by looking for something to do. We hear you. So we’ve made a list of some bonkers underrated dinner deals around the city that could easily give you leftovers for the next day while still giving you a fun night out of the house.


Arch City Tavern | 862 N. High St.

$5 burgers and fries, $0.50 for extra toppings

Finals are over but Monday still feels like the start of a hellish week. Treat yourself with this upscale, off-campus option that reminds you that you do deserve better, but today you can only afford $5. Get there during happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for half off drinks too. Double treat yo’self.


Cazuelas Grill | 2321 N. High St.

$2 tacos

What pairs perfectly with a $20 margarita pitcher shared amongst friends? $2 tacos that you conveniently remember are being offered right when the drunk sets in. (Not to mention free chips and salsa!)


Two Bucks | 195 Chittenden Ave.

$12.95 all-you-can-eat wings

I’ve been in love with Two Bucks ever since they introduced their $12 gameday beer towers, but $12 unlimited wings, too? Head over heels FALLEN. Stick close by campus in the cold winter weather and relax with some wings and maybe a few rounds of darts. You gotta give the new campus bars a chance sometime, and now is the time for Two Bucks!



Fourth Street Bar & Grill | 1810 N. Fourth St.

$3 burgers & fries

I still can’t believe this deal exists and I pay into it at least twice a month. These burgers aren’t half-assed, frozen flat pancakes of ground beef, they’re fucking burgers. Thicc and juicy with buttery bun, fries and all. Toppings start at $0.25 to add on, and if you go during happy hour you can treat yourself to cheap drinks and half off apps!


Harrison’s on Third | 335 W. Third Ave.

$7 BYOPizza

Riding the line between “upscale lounge and humble sports bar” like you been riding your winter cuff-buddy, Harrison’s on Third definitely makes you feel like you deserve the best experience possible while paying very little money. A downtown escape from the campus life complete with pool tables and flat screens is just the winter break they know you’ve been needing.


Late Night Slice | 268 S. Fourth St.

$35 full pizza, 3 PBRs, 3 shots

Haven’t had a roommate family dinner in a hot minute? Turn that into a hot slice and enjoy a trashy and tasty combo of pizza and much alcohol at this fan favorite joint. Since it’s Saturday, you might as well enjoy yourself at the other bars and clubs the downtown has to offer. (The Late Night Slice on 4th street is right next to 16-Bit. Hello cheap, arcade-style fun!)


Union Cafe | 782 N. High St.

$11 all-you-can-eat brunch

It’s Sunday. You think I’m giving you a dinner option? Sundays are for brunch, and if you eat the correct amount of low-priced food (the answer I’m looking for is, too much) you won’t even need dinner! So stuff your face with arguably the best waffle station and omelet bar in all of Columbus. This is the official cure of your seasonal depression, brought to you by 1870. A staff who cares about you. And your stomach.

Feature photo provided by Arch City Tavern.


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