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Defend Your Home: Trash Talking Nebraska

The Buckeye Standup Comedy Club dishes out some trash talking tips for OSU’s home games.

We as Ohio State fans are known for a few things: winning games, drinking beer, and trash talking the opposing team. Iconic moments in Ohio State trash talking history like when Marcus Hall flipped the bird to the entire Michigan stadium come to mind, and keeping traditions alive is something we must do as fans. No, we can’t get on the field and let the opposing team know your feelings towards them, but we sure as hell can yell it at the fans in the stands.

The Buckeye Standup Comedy Club is no newcomer when it comes to cracking jokes and they don’t shy away when football season rolls around. There’s tons of ways to laugh about these teams. Take our little brother, Michigan, for example. Their head coach eats boogers, probably wears khakis to bed, and is afraid of chickens. But, do we really need to trash talk Michigan? We’ve been handing them L’s on the field for who knows how long now.


As for the rest of the teams OSU faces this year? They are open and free game. With a few fun facts about each university and state, here’s how the BSCC is talkin’ trash to OSU’s unfortunate opponents this year.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Fun facts about Nebraska

  1. There’s so few people living in Nebraska that on home football games, the Nebraska football stadium is the third largest population in the state.
  2. Nebraska got their name “the Cornhuskers” from a sports writer who “borrowed” it from its neighboring state, Iowa.
  3. Nebraska doesn’t have a state food, but the fast food joint “Runza” is super popular. It’s speciality dish? A smelly and healthy portion of beef and cabbage.
  4. There’s a six-foot tall statue of Chef Boyardee in Omaha. It’s worth noting Chef Boyardee is not from Nebraska.
  5. For whatever reason there is a lighthouse in Nebraska even though it is a landlocked state.

Nebraska is the birthplace of perhaps the most boring best holiday: Arbor Day. — BSCC Staff

Nebraska more like Nebras-”nuh uh!” — Harrison Bierderman

If you Google “things to do in Nebraska,” the top result is to visit their mound of sand. — BSCC Staff

The best part about Nebraska is the dead center of the state, because any way that you go from there, you would be leaving Nebraska. — Joseph Grunenwald

“Cornhusker” sounds like a Luke Bryan song concept that got axed for pandering too much. — Zack White


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Feature photo by David Heasley.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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