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December Crush Connections

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.

@OSUCrush: “Alex Dodd, your comments on here make my day 🙂 like this so I can slide into those DMs.”

Another infamous peruser of the page, we wanted the inside scoop on all the OSU crush commentary. The conclusion: we know about as much as you do!

Alex Dodd (@yaboidodd)

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

No, the identity of the tweeter is still unknown.

Was there any follow-up (AKA the said DM)?

None so far. I have been mentioned before but tweeted on it and no response. *shrug*

What would be your ideal blind date (other than y’all hitting it off)?

I guess in a cliche way just having stuff in common.

As a frequent peruser of @OSUCrush, what is your personal favorite tweet you’ve come across?

The ones where I can reply “that ain’t it, Chief” to.

We gotta know, do you come up with your comments on the fly or is it a nightly chore to come up with responses?

I come up with my own replies some of them take a while though.


@OSUCrush: “Probably just about any redhead boy.”

ANY redhead boy? We beg to differ, as Tyler is clearly the superb redhead. Though, we are still unsure of his position on the Matrix, but perhaps that was the
dastardly intention all along?

Tyler Connell (@tyrelweasley)

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to redhead stereotypes?

Biggest pet peeve is everyone thinks we have to have blue or green eyes! My father is actually a brown-eyed redhead.

Addressing said stereotypes, end the debate: do redheads have souls and why??

Yes we do. Who could possibly say Ed Sheeran and Adele don’t have souls?

It is often said much like twins, redheads have a telepathic connection, is this true?

No we don’t unfortunately.

In your opinion, who is the most prominent member of the redhead community (King of the redheads!) and why?

The King of redheads is Prince Harry for obvious reasons.

While we’re on the subject, do you suspect we are living in the Matrix? If not, what is your theory of existence?

I don’t know, maybe. I try not to think about it that much otherwise I’ll freak myself out.



@OSUCrush: “Julia Binder in Alpha O you are out of this world. Please tell me your single.”

Sorry fellas, she’s taken, but make sure you’re taking notes! Unfortunately, grammatical errors are a deal breaker, but a eloquent DM may just get you that long-desired date from the @OSUCrush cutie you always stalk on Twitter.

Julia Binder (@bnderjulia)

Was this your first time being mentioned on our page?

Umm this was my second time being mentioned but the first time it was about someone missing me and my dog. Nothing like a crush lol.

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

I don’t know who wrote the tweet it was completely out of left field.

Was there any follow-up (DM, date, etc.)?

I did get a lot of DMs from different guys asking for my number and other more lewd things, but nothing came of it since I have a bf who I actually met through @OSUCrush!

Now, this mystery man (or woman) used “your” instead of “you’re.” In 2018, is that a deal-breaker?

Also yes, the your/you’re thing made me realize only dumb asses seem to be into me.

One more question so the fellas know: How do you ACTUALLY start a conversation with a girl?

Lol just say hi! My BF slid into my DMs after I favorited an @OSUCrush tweet and the rest is history!

Katie Cook


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