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Damn The Witch Siren To Kick Off Tour In Cbus

Attention 1870 Mag readers, campus security have asked us to alert you about an occult gathering happening this Saturday night at Spacebar. Please stay away from the area at all times unless you’re totally into sparkly, witchy, synthy sex magic. If that’s you, then completely ignore this warning and get your ass to this show.

Columbus’ hottest (in every way) music sensation is Damn The Witch Siren, a darkpop dance duo that pride themselves on being equally eerie and erotic. They just dropped their new album, Red Magic, this past weekend and it’s jam-packed with dance floor stompers and bedroom bangers. Now they’re getting ready to debut the tracks in a live setting, and take them on the road all across the eastern U.S. Fortunately for Columbus, they’re starting right here in their hometown with a red-themed release show that’s sure to heat up the whole city.

If you have any friends that do drag shows as a goth Gwen Stefani, they just found their new favorite band.

“Red magic is sex magic so that’s what it’s sort of about, but we didn’t want a whole album of just sex songs,” explains Bobbi Kitten, sultry siren and frontperson of the group. “I get bored writing the same song again and again, so the theme started evolving to include female empowerment, self-love. It’s about being a badass, and bringing out a sensual and romantic side too.”

The result is a dynamic set of songs that veers from slightly risque to straight-up raunchy, but with plenty of saccharine sentiment at it’s core. Songs like ‘Fuck Me (Like We’re In Love)’ and ‘Sex U Up’ leave little to the imagination, while ‘Feelin’ Myself’ is a self-empowerment anthem that will resonate with anyone who knows their own true beauty. If you have any friends that do drag shows as a goth Gwen Stefani, they just found their new favorite band.

“We worked really hard on it for a full year,” says Kitten. “We had already decided over a year ago what the title would be, we were in the mood to go with that darkness we had been tapping into, our best stuff is that dark pop music. When we decided the album art before anything else, that set the tone.”

Along with her partner in crime, DJ Z Wolf, the duo are completely responsible for creating every element of their sound, down to the final mixing and mastering, an element most other musicians outsource. They’ve even built an entire professional studio in their house, a bewitching laboratory to cook up their wildest musical fantasies free from interruption.

“We have to have parameters nowadays, because your possibilities are endless,” Z Wolf explains. “You have an infinite number of sounds and ideas and ways to get them out, you have to make your own toolbox to work with. We force ourselves to have deadlines, we make ourselves panic and be uncomfortable because we think that’s when you start making really good shit.”

Kicking off with this Saturday’s hometown record release show, Damn The Witch Siren will then head off for a two-week US tour, playing 14 shows in 10 states.

“It was really exciting because we posted our tour dates but not the venues and we had people from all over the Midwest and east coast messaging us about it,” says Z. “We didn’t know we had all these fans that wanted to come see us so we didn’t expect that at all, apparently the last tour worked. We’re hoping to be road warriors this year.”

“The whole live set is a whole different beast from being in the studio, figuring out how we’re gonna pull it off with only two people,” adds Bobbi. “We have a whole new light show and other things I’m not gonna reveal yet. Since we’ve been touring in the last year, I get a better reception when I can really be the front man, get away from pressing buttons and triggering things and playing keys. We have to think about what we can sacrifice in the songs and still convey the message and have a connection with the audience.”

The pair have a lot more up their fashionable sleeves after this run ends, including new songs, music videos, and of course more shows. They’re keeping quiet about what the future holds, just celebrating the fruits of their labor and focusing on throwing the wildest party they can.

“I just wanted to make the best shit we’ve ever made, and stuff that would feel really good to play live,” says Bobbi. “I think that I’ve become a better songwriter and more passionate, so I wanted to really pour myself into it. That’s the only intention that I had with this. And that people have fun fucking dancing to this shit.”

Damn The Witch Siren releases their new record, Red Magic, this Saturday at Spacebar (2590 N. High), the party kicks off at 9pm. Tickets are $8 or $10 at the door, Betsy Ross and Osea Merdis open. Wear your flashiest red clothing!

Photo credit: Bobbi Kitten of Damn The Witch Siren.

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