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Crush Connections With Nathan Rauf

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.


@OSUCrush: “Nathan Rauf. he super thicc”

Thicc” is a word thrown around a lot these days. It can now be applied to women, men, and even corgis, but we needed to hear from a real thicc king representing his big-bootied bros. Oh, and for those thicc boys out there with faulty undies, listen up!                                                                                                                         

Have you been tagged in a crush tweet before?

Sure, a couple of times. Call me a veteran if you want.

Do you know who sent you the tweet?

No idea. Makes it even creepier!


Are you often referred to as a “thiccy”? Do you consider yourself “thicc”?

I don’t think anyone has ever called me “thiccy” before. They usually skip the “y”.

Thoughts on creating a brand of pants specifically for men with big doinks?

Sometimes my underwear rides up my legs. My pants are fine though. I want a specialized brand of underwear for guys with big thighs.

Who is you thicc prince idol?

Thicc prince idol? Patrick Star without a doubt.

Ah yes, the thunder thigh dilemma. Any underwear advice for our boys in the struggle?

Don’t be afraid to adjust that s#@$.

How do you strive to be like your thicc idol Patrick a little more every day?

Yes, everyday. I shave my head into a triangular shape and dye my skin pink.

Katie Cook


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