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Where you write the next viral Tweet about that cutie in calculus. After this, you should probably go read through the class slides that you missed staring at the back of their head.

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The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

Crush Connections: Building a girl gang through @OSUCrush

Crush Connections: Political secrets & secret admirers

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

Know Your Enemy: Michigan State

Not my period for being the most unpredictable bitch I know

To the girl walking down on Neil that was struggling to put her earphones in. I’m the dude in the red Coca-Cola hoodie and NASA sweat pants that kind of laughed at you……. anyways when’s the wedding?



NOT the sprinkler system in the oval since it decided to turn on while I was walking through it

To the cute blonde girl with the hat and white hoodie that I saw at kcom earlier, you are fineee. ~ guy in red shirt that sat at the table next to you

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