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Where you write the next viral Tweet about that cutie in calculus. After this, you should probably go read through the class slides that you missed staring at the back of their head.

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The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

Crush Connections: Daddy Long Legs 🦇🕷️🎃

OSUCrush Suggests: Anime!

OSUCrush Suggests: CBus Date Ideas

Who is the tall pale blonde that goes to JO South with curly hair? She is real cute, never want to say hi though because she is always working hard in the gym…

I’m an incoming freshman…so who throws the best parties???

That guy that handed out business cards at all the DX parties could of had my children if he didn’t look like such a douche

Emily I just want to let you know that you’re gorgeous


Twitter for going out for those 30 mins or so and making me realize I’m an addict

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