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Where you write the next viral Tweet about that cutie in calculus. After this, you should probably go read through the class slides that you missed staring at the back of their head.

Tell us about your crush


Proof I'm not a Bot or Michigan fan

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The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

Crush Connections: Building a girl gang through @OSUCrush

Crush Connections: Political secrets & secret admirers

The Top 5 @OSUCrush Tweets of the Week!

Know Your Enemy: Michigan State

My girlfriends roommate

How do you shoot your shot with a classmate and not make weird???

Emma Dixon. I would treat you better than he did.

not my roommate who doesn’t know what earbuds are and plays podcasts out loud at 7am

Anyone who will go to White Castle with me on Valentine's day

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