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Crush Connections: March

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.

Jack. (@JackMaddr)

OSUCrush: Jack Maddr can butter me up and put me in at 350. 😉

A curious comment that required more investigation, let’s dig up some of the details on this secret admirer. And of further concern, why doesn’t the hit country jam “butter me up” exist??

Is this your first time being mentioned on osucrush?

Yes it is I guess I didn’t even realize I was! 

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

No clue but I’m glad someone will let me butter them up.

Is this comment in any way off putting to you?

It’s like a line from a country song so I don’t know, I’m just surprised someone wants me to do that to them. 

Would you base a turkey with butter or oil?

Oil for that crisp skin texture.

Would you ever meet face-to-face with this secret admirer?

If they were a sexy mama, sure!


Claire Drum (@drumclaire)

OSUCrush: Banana Bread.

As the evolved species, it is crucial we find new and innovative ways to consume bananas. That’s where the banana bread discussion comes in. What’s makes banana bread so great? Is there a superior breakfast loaf? And most importantly, how does one “get this bread”?

Banana bread… is it the superior breakfast loaf?

It’s very much the superior breakfast loaf, but pumpkin bread is a close second especially in the fall!

What’s a more important factor in making banana bread, the level of moisture or the level of banana flavor?

Definitely the moisture. It’s all in the texture!

Are nuts crucial? If so, which nut best accents the banana?

Nuts are indeed crucial unless there are allergies but walnuts are the bomb.

Home-made or store-bought?

Home-made always.

Alright alright, so what is the best banana bread in the world? 

Bob Evans consistently has superior banana bread compared to other stores.

Kathleen (@kathleen_fieri)

OSUCrush: Girl I met the gym the other day (think her name was Kate?). Anyway, you dumb thick.

Throughout OSUcrush’s history we’ve seen love blossom in the gym time and time again. But finally we will get an answer to the frequently asked question: is asking for the cute gym girls’ digits acceptable during a workout?

Is this your first time being mentioned?

Haha yes! And it’s about time. 🙂

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

I think so… To be honest, I don’t remember talking to anyone at the gym except in passing.

Are you at all disappointed the crusher didn’t spell thick like “thicc”? Absolutely, any reference to the darriere must be spelled as thicc, not thick. It’s elementary! 

Yay or Nay: Asking for a girls number at the gym is okay?

I say nay. If I am actively working out, don’t talk to me. Though, if I am not on the machine, go for it!

Were numbers exchanged and would you go out with this admirer?Haha to be honest I am still not 100% who this person is, so no numbers we exchanged, but hey maybe if we cross paths again!


Katie Cook


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