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Crush Connections: January

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.

OSUCrush: @OSUCrush: “Tony Robb, do your dishes. – Tall brunette you live with”

Everyone deserves the opportunity to defend themselves against slander. Especially when said slander is given by a crusty pot of mac and cheese. Oh, and if you’re looking for a new roommate, Tony may be available!

Tony Robb (@RobbTony10)

So did you do your dishes?


Were they soaking or did you let them get crusty?

The more crust the better.

Defend yourself!

The kid literally left a pot of mac and cheese out that same night so he has no room to talk.

Is the accuser innocent of dirty dishes?

Refer to the previous answer.

What’s the best way to win a fight with your roommates?

Ignore them until they go away (like the dishes).



OSUCrush: @OSUCrush: “Madison Hribar is a real-life Disney princess.

We’d never miss the golden opportunity to meet a real-life Disney princess, so we got the deets on our newest royal member.

//madison (@SassMasterMadz)

Is this your first time being mentioned on our page?

Yeah it’s my first time which I found really hilarious because I graduated on Sunday and the crush tweet was tweeted Monday!

Do you know who wrote the tweet?

I’m not sure who wrote the tweet! I keep to myself for the most part so seeing that I was mentioned was a shock to me.

What would your Disney princess name be?

My Disney princess name…hmmm. My name is actually from a movie called Splash from the 1980s and the mermaid in the movie was named Madison and I’ve always loved that a lot, so I guess Madison the mermaid. I’m not as creative as I wish I could be!

What is your parents’ occupation? King and Queen of what?

My mom is the Queen of Oral Surgery/Dentistry and my dad is the King of Business!

Every princess has a sidekick, who would yours be?

My sidekick would probably be my sister. We’re really close in age and do the same things for the most part, and we’re very similar. Both Scorpios, both worked for/going back to work for Disney in a few weeks, etc. The list can go on for days. She always knows what to do if I can’t figure out what’s next. She’s the best.


OSUCrush: @OSUCrush: “The finals Santa!”

Did you spread some love over the Christmas season? Well we did, and we learned from the best! Who doesn’t love unrequited love and unsolicited support? Scrooges, that’s who.

Will Flaws (@flawswill)

Did you choose the Santa life or did the Santa life choose you?

The Santa life kind of chose me. What makes me happy is making other people happy and if holding a big sign on a cold day and giving out a couple thousand candy canes can make even one person smile during a stressed out final week, then being Santa is totally worth it.

Would you consider this method acting?

I don’t really consider it acting. I consider it me trying to be my jolly self and who wouldn’t smile if they saw Santa?

What’s the best way to spread cheer during finals week?

I wish I could say the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, but that would make a lot of people mad in the library. So I think the best way would be just to smile, tell people not to stress too much, and to tell everybody they’re going to do amazing because positivity is contagious!

Do you go by Mr. Claus or can I call you Chris?

I prefer Santa. I’ve heard Campus Santa and Finals Santa, but just Santa keeps it short and sweet.

Is there a Mrs. Claus?

Santa actually had his heart broken by who he thought was going to be Mrs. Claus this semester. So Santa is currently looking for a woman that he can make happy everyday and who he can shower with the gifts she deserves. 🙂


Katie Cook


it’s wild that i have no idea how to cook at all because i’m so dependent on my meal plan. everything is gonna fall apart when i graduate

It’s a beautiful moment when you realize how much better you are than the person who fucked with your heart

Honestly, had the biggest crush on that RA Joey from Park Strad for the longest time. You still single??

All y’all fine ass asian girls lets be a blasian couple

Tbdbitl, but not x row. We don’t put up with that toxic cult environment here. (Except you Dan we like you)

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