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Crush Connections: Political secrets & secret admirers

Sometimes Tinder, Hinge, and good ol’ in-person conversation aren’t enough. That’s when students use OSU Crush. Send a throwaway compliment to your lab partner, or be bold and tag them to get the conversation started. Sometimes, your dreams of romance come true! That’s where we start digging into the deets.

James I had a crush on u all last semester and now i’ve been blessed with your presence again in media and american politics…
i won @jamessophia_


Any idea who wrote this tweet?

I have a couple ideas, but for the most part I’m still in the dark.

Are you going to ask around in your class to find out who your secret admirer is?

I can’t see myself asking around, but if they were to say “I was the one who wrote that tweet” during the semester, I would make an effort to chat with them and get to know them.

If not in class, where is the best place to win over your heart?

Class is always a great place to chat with me, but if not class, I frequent lots of coffee shops to do my work there (Sweetwater, Mission, One Line) for hours on end and enjoy talking with anyone who wants to have a conversation.

Would their political opinion be a factor in the future of the relationship?

I spend Monday-Friday talking about politics in classes, so I often don’t ask about political opinions or bring up political topics for a while. Some of my best friends are complete political opposites from me, so it doesn’t matter at all. The most important thing is to believe and stand behind what your beliefs consist of.

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